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Guess What Millennials, Gen Zs Think This Laughing Emoji Is Just Not Cool Anymore



Source: Asia Times & The Guardian

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The clash of generations between Gen Zs and millennials is quite apparent in the past few years, but who knew even an emoji could be deemed uncool by these TikTok-obssessed bunch.

CNN reported that there have been videos and comments surfacing on TikTok revealing certain aspects of the millennial culture that are apparently ‘cancelled’ by Gen Z.

Some of which include skinny jeans, side hair partings and yes, the popular laughing crying emoji that many millennials, including ME, love to use.


What’s wrong with the laughing emoji?

One TikTok user said, “It’s so off.”

In a different video, a woman said she was going to stop using it after finding out that kids don’t. But one teen responded, “As a 15-year-old, I say you should use that emoji because we sure aren’t going to.”

“I use everything but the laughing emoji,” said another.

“I stopped using it a while back because I saw older people using it, like my mom, my older siblings and just older people in general.”

Additionally, the ‘rolling on the floor laughing’ emoji 🤣  is also no longer in the cool books for Gen Zs.


If not the laughing emoji 😂, then, what?

According to the report by CNN, Gen Zs prefer to use the skull emoji 💀 as a replacement for conveying laughter.

It’s just like when a friend says they’re dying of laughter or when they use the slang phrases “I’m dead/I’m dying/I’m deceased”.

Other alternatives can be the 😭  emoji or just typing out “lol” or “lmao”.

From my personal experience, “HAHAHAHAHAHA” seems to be a common way Gen Zs express their laughter.

“If it’s not all in CAPS then it’s not funny,” they would say.


What do millennials have to say about this?

  • “Bunch of big babies. I think Gen Z’s are just at the age where they’re trying to be rebellious and “cool” and whatever anyone older does, they think it’s uncool,” said one 27-year-old Malaysian.
  • “I think that every generation has things that they find cool, interesting and relatable that other generations will not, but I don’t think it’s necessary to shame those aspects just because you don’t find it ‘cool’. After all, life is more than just ‘coolness’. Just be happy with your own interests and mind your own business la,” said another Malaysian millennial.
  • “I don’t really care what Gen Z’s think, I’m still going to use the laughing emojis even if it’s uncool. It’s my most used emoji in my keyboard and I’m not even ashamed of it.”
  • “Maybe cause millennials grew up with phones that had no emojis. We only had :- ) xD ;- D etc. so in that sense, it’s “cool” for us. But Gen Z’s today already have an iPhone at like seven years old with emojis and all, something millennials/the older generation never had growing up. So for Gen Z’s, it’s nothing new and quite lame. Maybe. Basically they all very spoiled the end.”

What do you think about this, millennials? Let us know in the comments below!


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Source: The Guardian
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