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Foreign Family Cleaned Up Penang Playground for One Hour, Urges M’sians to Do the Same



Picture on right for illustration purposes | Source: Twitter / Ipoh Echo

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Let’s be honest, Malaysia doesn’t have the cleanest streets in the world when compared to our neighbour, Singapore. Trash is literally everywhere because we don’t dispose of it correctly.

That being said, many citizens of Malaysia have tried to keep our streets clean by collecting rubbish which was not thrown properly. For instance, the 18-year-old boy who picked up rubbish that was left by Malaysians after a midnight Merdeka countdown.

Similarly, a family who’ve been in Malaysia for a month recently tried to set an example to us Malaysians, by trying to honour the Twitter trend #trashtag as they cleaned up an entire playground within an hour.

For illustration purposes | Source: Ipoh Echo

The family also encouraged everyone to do the exact same for their own neighbourhoods, and they also urged netizens to not let the hashtag die.

The amazing family shared a photo of themselves with the trash they collected on Reddit and it was accompanied by a caption which read,

“We just cleaned up a whole Malaysian playground in one hour. This is how much trash we collected in that short period of time. Don’t let the #trashtag die out!”

Source: Twitter

FYI, #trashtag is a trend which was started on Twitter and it encourages people to collect trash in an attempt to clean up their neighbourhood.

As the family’s post went viral, they obviously got a lot of attention from Malaysian netizens who thanked them for their effort. The netizens hoped that we, Malaysians, will also follow suit and clean up our own streets. We agree! 

If you’ve performed a similar deed like the family above, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below. It’d be great if you could share a picture as well! 


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