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Feeling Demotivated? Here Are 5 Warning Signs of Overworking M’sians Should Never Ignore!


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According to Employment Hero’s Wellness Report 2022, 58% of workers in Malaysia experience burnout. Due to immense pressure from work and social circles, young adults aged between 18 and 35 are 20% more likely to feel burnt out

One of the main causes of burnout is the hustle culture that is still being upheld in many companies. Before burnout takes a toll on our mental health, watch out for these warning signs of overworking!   


1. Having symptoms of deteriorating health

Our physical health can often reflect our mental state. If you have been overworking or have experienced prolonged stress, you’re likely to have these physical symptoms:

  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue 
  • Drastic weight changes
  • Aches and pains 

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2. Noticing a decrease in productivity

While it may sound counterintuitive, overworking can result in lower productivity and efficiency. We need an optimal level of workload to keep us motivated, but if the favourable amount is surpassed, we tend to procrastinate and find it difficult to concentrate

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3. Finding it hard to unplug and disconnect 

You may experience difficulty disconnecting from work when you have to constantly be on call and deal with many unexpected problems that arise, even after working hours. You can consider yourself overworking if you have these bad habits that stop you from unplugging:

  • Turning on work-related notifications after working hours
  • Constantly checking for and replying to work emails 
  • Thinking about work during the weekends or off days

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4. Having trouble relaxing 

Overworking causes our brains to release stress hormones frequently. Consequently, we feel restless, anxious, and stressed, even during our off days.

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5. Struggling to maintain relationships

Many of us skip family bonding sessions and friend gatherings just to finish up on work. Exhaustion from long working hours might also cause us to miss out on important social gatherings that make life meaningful. If your relationship with a loved one is suffering, it is possible that you’re overworking.

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As you can see, overworking harms not just our physical and mental health, but also our personal relationships. So if you’re experiencing any signs of burnout, it is best to communicate with your employer to see if your workload can be readjusted!  

Other than your mental health, you should also pay attention to your loved ones and offer them support. Do you have friends who always FFK because they are overworking? If you want to encourage them to make time for their social life, Heineken® is here to help!

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While it is important to work hard towards our goals, #HeinekenMY wants to remind you to #WorkResponsibly by advocating work-life balance. Remember that when we overwork to please our superiors and coworkers, we end up letting our best buddies down!


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