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Ebit Lew Feeds Homeless Man & Lets Him Stay In A Hotel For The First Time In 20 Years



Source: Ebit Lew | FB

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Ustaz Ebit Lew is back at it again with his mission of helping the underprivileged.

The selfless humanitarian has recently taken his charity work across borders to South Africa where he rebuilt houses for 16 Zulu families last week, 26 March.

Although that was his main purpose in South Africa, Ebit Lew still continued to take care of those around.

Just a few days ago, on 3 April, Ebit Lew took to his Facebook page to share the story of Uncle Scott, a homeless man who has been living on the streets near the city of Durban South Africa.

Ebit Lew documented the story through a video and it simply touched the hearts of many.


Sayu masa tengok pakcik ni. Kasihan rasa. Masa pusing dekat bandar Durban South Afrika tunggu makanan tiba ternampak seorang seperti orang gila. Tidur tepi longkang dekat kedai. Mundar mandir dan kerja garu kepala. Saya terus dekat dan cuba berbual. Scott berumur 60 tahun. Berbelas tahun tidur dijalanan. Katanya selalu bila hujan baru mandi. Bila rapat baru tahu dia pernah berkahwin dan ada 3 orang anak. Isterinya dah berkahwin lain seorang boss besar sebuah tempat. Dia kecewa gagal dalam hidupnya. Dia teringat anaknya. Katanya apapun semua salah saya. Saya tanya pernah tengok movie mission imposible. Dia kata tak suka tengok sebab katanya cerita itu mudah je semua boleh capai dan mudah. Tapi hidup ini tak semudah itu. Tak semua benda kita dapat. Saya cerita bahagia itu dihati dan menerima positif dengan yang terjadi dalam hidup.Orang tempatan ada yang membantu. Tapi dia memang susah nak ajak buat apa-apa terutama gunting rambut. Sentiasa tidur tepi longkang situ depan kedai. Saya bawa beli baju seluar dan barang lain. Ajak makan kfc. Dan cuba bawa ke hotel. Hari pertama bila ada orang mencelah dia terus menolak semuanya. Saya datang lagi hari kedua. Dari takut-takut dia jadi rapat dengan saya. Macam kawan-kawan dah. Sekarang saya bawa ke hotel disini untuk mandi dan tidur. Dia gembira sangat. Dia macam ketinggalan tentang hp dan lain-lain. Orang tempat semua terkejut dia nak ikut saya. Syukur rasa. Berbeza ujian setiap orang. Siapa tahu apa rahsia disebalik semuanya.

Posted by Ebit Lew on Saturday, April 3, 2021

The video started off with Ebit Lew approaching a homeless man named Uncle Scott and introduced himself. After making small talk and getting to know the stranger a little better, he asked the man whether he could buy him some clothes.

“I want to buy you clothes. It is just a present from me. For you. Because I love you,” he said to the 60-year-old.

Ebit Lew took Uncle Scott to some shops nearby, where he bought him some clothes and slippers. The next day, Ebit Lew took Uncle Scott out for some lunch at KFC.

While having lunch, Ebit Lew got to know more about Uncle Scott’s life and the many hardships he has faced. Netizens were amazed by Ebit Lew’s kindness, especially when he fed Uncle Scott with his hands.

Right after having their lunch, he brought Uncle Scott to a hotel and let him shower. Turns out, it has been over 20 years since Uncle Scott stepped into a hotel.

Ebit Lew dried Uncle Scott’s hair, gave him a new t-shirt to wear, and made sure he was comfortable.

“On the first day when we offered more help, Uncle Scott rejected it. I came back on the second day. From being so fearful he was now closer to me. Like best friends,” Ebit Lew wrote in his post.

“Now I took him to a hotel to shower and sleep. He is very happy. People around were surprised that he actually followed me,” he added.

He then ended his post by saying “There are different trials for every person. Who knows what the secret is behind it all.”

The post garnered over 175,000 shares, 145,000 likes, and 3,300 comments with netizens praising Ebit Lew for his kindness.

Thank you Ebit Lew for restoring our faith in humanity and for opening our eyes to the many ways we too, can do our part by helping those in need, regardless of how big or small the gesture is. 

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