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Covid or CORVID? Annuar Musa’s Attempt To School Politicians Fails When He Misspells A Vital Word



Source: Harian Metro & Twitter

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Every politician’s go-to move now seems to be asking other politicians to “think about the rakyat” and “stop thinking about politics” which is pretty ironic that they’re only thinking about this now when the cases have reached a critical stage.

It’s also ironic that they urge to “stop thinking about politics” yet they allow their colleagues to walk free despite breaching SOPs. Speaking of go-to move, Federal Territories Minister, Annuar Musa, tweeted his opinion regarding the political situation but netizens can’t help but notice a major spelling error he made.

“There’s no need to think about replacements for now. We should stick together and help the government. When CORVID19 settles, quicky dissolve the Parliament and give it to the people. The USA has more CORVID19 and even they had elections. Give a chance to the PM to save the country and the people. I believe the PM will give to the people.”

Firstly, since when did the USA become a benchmark on how to handle a pandemic. If anything, this pandemic has proven that not only are they not equipped to handle it, so many Americans are stubborn and refuse to follow the simplest rules under the guise of it being their “rights”.

Moving on, however, in case you did not notice, the minister misspelt Covid-19 as Corvid-19 and needless to say, this caught the eye of netizens.

Netizens chimed in with their comments on how this minister could’ve made such a careless mistake.

Isn’t Corvid just Coronavirus?

No, it is not! The reason no one calls the virus as Corvid-19 is that Corvid carries a completely different meaning. Corvid is used to describe the Crow family or oscine passerine birds.

If this were to happen to a common citizen, it’s probably excusable but the fact that it came from a Senior Minister is worrying.


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