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“Covid-19 is just a rebranding of a common cold” M’sian Roasted On Twitter After Making Bold Claims



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Covid-19 cases have been on a rise, especially with yesterday’s update by the Ministry Of Health (MOH). The rakyat are anxious and terrified for the fate of the country with Deputy General Hisham hinting at another possible MCO.

However, a Malaysian student recently made bold claims on his Twitter page which didn’t really sit well with netizens.

His Tweet read that most of the patients that have died are senior citizens or those who suffered from chronic diseases. He also notes that since a lot of Najib supporters came to the former Prime Minister’s court hearing, there’s no “cluster Najib”. Even when there was no social distancing at the time. So, Covid-19 can easily spread at any time.

“That’s why I said before that Covid-19 virus is just a rebranding of a common cold. Yes, I don’t have a degree or anything. But you have to take it as a theory act. It happens all the time, can’t you see it. Don’t look down on those who don’t have a degree like me”

Many netizens are quick to point out his statement by saying that it’s inaccurate and he should do some research before spewing nonsense.

“Easy, since you first stated that you are not a member in this field, which is why you have no recognition or any degree, why don’t you believe the explanation and sources given by the actual members? Instead, you chose to believe a theory that is strayed.”

“Laboratory specialists are exhausted researching about this virus, hospital members are constantly tired treating patients’ symptoms that don’t even have a cure yet, it’s so easy for you to say that Covid-19 is ‘nonsense’.”  

“Covid-19 doesn’t just appear because there’s a crowd. However, because there’s a crowd, there’s a potential this will cause Covid-19 to spread easily. Bro, you have to understand the concept of correlation and causation. Your correlation has strayed far away.”

Misleading information without any evidence can be extremely harmful, especially if posted on social media. Frontliners have exhausted themselves day-in and day-out fighting to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We as a civilized nation can only follow the SOPs implemented by the government to lessen the burden of our unsung heroes.

WORLD OF BUZZ has reached out to the student for further comment but have yet to receive any reply.

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