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Couple Chained Themselves Together For 3 Months As An Ultimate Test Of Their Love



Source: The Sun UK

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Many believe a successful relationship is built on a foundation that includes trust, honesty, communication, compromise, respect, and space. And like every other relationship, facing hurdles, frustration or misunderstandings are bound to take place. That is where the foundation of a relationship comes into play in resolving these issues.

However, for this Ukrainian couple, they decided to test their love for one another on Valentine’s day by chaining themselves together. For how long? Three whole months!

According to The Sun UK, the young couple, Alexander and Viktoria, weld themselves together, near the Unity sculpture in Kyiv.

Alexander explained that they were “going for a record”.

Ukraine’s national register of records, Vitaly Zorin, was there to supervise the experiment and have confirmed that the couple was indeed “sane” when they decided to chain themselves together.

“There is a chain on us, and all the links are welded. The final link is closed with the seal of the national register of records,” said Alexander.

According to Vitaly, the palms of Alexander and Viktoria are just a couple of centimeters apart.

Thinking that being chained up is the ultimate test, they thought wrong. Apparently, for both Alexander and Viktoria, the ultimate test was when they had to drive 325 miles from the capital city in a taxi all the way home.

It was only then when they realized as they stopped at a roadside cafe to use the toilet. Which toilet were they supposed to use? Tough decision to make…

They decided to jointly use the female toilet (which shocked the cleaner there) and that was the start of their lives with no personal space whatsoever.

Pictures of the couple have circulated social media, including videos of them wearing specially made clothing (zippers from top to bottom enabling them to dress and undress) and them together in the bathroom taking turns to shower.

The couple even added they are confident that they can last the three months in such close proximity.

Would you try this out with your partner? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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