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Chinese YouTuber Sets World Record After Reaching 14.2mil Subscribers in January



Source: SCMP & Li Ziqi (Youtube)

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A famous YouTuber from China, Li Ziqi, set a Guinness World Record after reaching 14.2 million subscribers in January 2021.

The announcement was reported by  Guinness World Records via the Weibo app last Tuesday, adding that Li Ziqi’s video has attracted the attention of the public as her videos feature the lifestyle of citizens in rural China.













According to SCMP, Li Ziqi, 30, often broadcasts videos of her life in Sichuan, China. She will reap the rewards and show the audience how she cooks food and prepares ingredients such as soy sauce or make her own furniture using bamboo while being accompanied by her grandmother.

Since she created her YouTube channel in 2017, Li Ziqi has amassed more than two billion views on YouTube by uploading hundreds of her amazing videos.










Li Ziqi also has more than five million followers on her online shop on Taobao, the e-commerce platform.

However, she rarely speaks in all of her videos; which has made citizens question her citizenship status.

In 2019, Li Ziqi finally told her audience that she was a Chinese citizen after it was believed that an irresponsible individual had stolen her videos and pretended to be her.

Last month, Li Ziqi made a video about pickled vegetables, using the hashtags #ChineseCuisine and #ChineseFood. Since then she has been linked to a controversy that makes citizens claim she mistook the traditional Korean dish, kimchi, with Chinese cuisine.

While she first started off by making videos using her phone, she now has a videographer and assistant to help her. However, she still directs the videos by herself, as reported by SCMP.

In 2012, Li Ziqi decided to settle in her hometown in southwest China’s Sichuan province to take care of her sick grandmother, who looked after her since she was a child.

She only truly began her journey as a YouTuber when she first started making cooking videos to show her life in the beautiful countryside in 2015.

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Source: SCMP

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