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China’s Pharmaceutical Company Has Reportedly Surpassed Phase-2 For A New Covid-19 Vaccine



Source: Reuters & People's Daily

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Apart from Russia and the US creating vaccines for the deadly Covid-19 virus, China has also taken part in research to invent a vaccine and it seems to be going smoothly.

Beijing, China has granted patent approval to a Chinese biopharmaceutical company, CanSino Biologics Inc, after they developed a vaccine in collaboration with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences led by an infectious disease expert Chen Wei, according to Global Times. Chen Wei submitted the application on 18 March and the patent has been approved on 11 August by The Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration.


The CanSino developers explained to reporters that the vaccine candidate, “Ad5-nCoV”, aims to introduce antibodies in the human body by using weakened common cold virus so that it will fight off after recognising the coronavirus’s spiked protein.

After it was deemed safe and able to produce an immune response, the vaccine successfully passed phase-two of the clinical trial and will continue to move on to phase three. The next phase of the clinical trial will be conducted overseas with the assistance of the Saudi Arabian Health Officials by recruiting 5,000 participants to test the “Ad5-nCoV”.

Other countries such as Russia, Chile and Brazil are also in discussion with CanSino Biologics Inc. to be involved in the clinical trials in their respective countries.

Even though there have been many new vaccines introduced lately, there are a few that have raised concerns about China’s vaccination. Those concerns, as reported by People’s Daily, include the longevity of the cure, the precise dosage of the cure to trigger an immune response, and the varied differences of each host. However, all of these aspects will be further scrutinised in a later clinical trial.

The adenovirus vector vaccine has the possibility of being mass-produced and based on the latest evidence, is deemed safe and effective to fight the Covid-19 virus.

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Source: Reuters
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