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Cheapskate Malaysian Kena Schooled After Implying Durians Should Be Weighed Without Husk



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Remember the time when we were in primary school and we had to plant taugeh for a science project? From the experience of just planting that, we finally found out just how hard it actually is to actually grow a plant for food. Too little water, dead. Too much water, dead. No sunshine, dead. Don’t even get us started with those big trees such as durian!

Twitter user @XavierNaxa attempted to start a ‘discussion’ on the weight of a durian before and after the delicious seeds had been consumed, using pictures of two durians that weighed a mere 2kg less after being opened.

“Let the picture do the talking,” says the caption.

You can see from the picture that the weight of the durian started off at nearly 4kg before it was opened. However, weighed around 2kg after being consumed, implying that the husk made up a full 2kg of the durian’s weight.

Netizens, however, were dissatisfied with what this tweet was trying to imply.

“You guys never appreciate farmers. If only you knew how expensive the labour, fertiliser, and maintenance is, I don’t think that you will complain about it,” expressed Twitter user @niimpls.

“Premium things for a premium price because it’s hard to manage it. It’s not like you plant it today and you can directly sell it tomorrow.”

Source: Twitter

“If you can’t afford to eat the pricey ones, eat those that are cheaper. You can even get RM6 per kg if you buy durian kampung and it’s not even a staple food.”

Source: Twitter

“When we export premium fruits overseas, you guys were all triggered because the lower grades are left in Malaysia. But you have never wanted to give support. Just go and eat all those tasteless pomelos, mangoes, and guavas.”

Source: Twitter

“You don’t even support palm oils. Saying that it’s high in cholesterol and such. You still want to use those corn and sunflower oils. And when the price of palm suddenly fell, you guys flipped out at the government.”

There are even other Twitter users supporting the rant.

Source: Twitter

“My family has been taking care of a durian farm and I swear that I’m really amazed at how difficult it is to take care of. Don’t get me started with those fruits that fell because they were rotten, eaten by animals, and trees that are just starting to germinate. Do you think that there’s a lot of profit with this? And there are also fertilisers that need to be bought. Go and tell him to plant a durian. I want to see how far he can go with it.”

Another Twitter user put the final word in on why durians cost so much. It’s pretty simple – fruits don’t pluck themselves.

Source: Twitter

“This is why durian is expensive. It’s really tiring to get the durians out of the hilly orchard.”

Always be grateful with what we have and appreciate the relentless effort of others who try to plant this thorny seasonal food. And that does not mean that this appreciation and gratitude should be limited to farmers only, okay. 


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