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“But he’s a big eater” Girl Asks For Advice On Splitting Bills As Her BF Eats More On Their Dates



Source: The Balance & Bolde

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Back in the days, like in the movies, it is quite common to see a man pay for the bill when out on a date. However, these days, it is rather a norm for women to pay their share or maybe even take turns paying the bill.

It is still a rather debatable subject but I personally feel neither is wrong or right. It comes down to their preference and beliefs.

One netizen took to a Facebook confession page, UM Confessions, to seek advice from netizens on whether couples choosing to split bills is fair.

In her case, she felt it was unfair for her to split the bill 50/50 when her boyfriend eats so much more than her.

In the post, the female netizen wrote:

“What is your rule of thumb for going on a date with your boyfriend? For example, expenses on dinner, movie, petrol, parking and so on. How do you split the bills?

As for me, I was thinking if we are going for a dinner and movie date, my boyfriend should pay for the dinner then I will get the movie tickets sorted ( I suppose I should shoulder the smaller amount).

But, how am I going to discuss this matter with my boyfriend? We are used to a 50/50 split but he is a big eater. I feel like I’m spending more on a date with him rather than going out alone.

What should I do? Anyone can share with me the way you get along with your boyfriend? I’m helpless”

Ooff… tough one, huh? 

Netizen’s Advice & Comments

Some netizens gave hilarious advice but honestly, it is easier said than done.

“Then you should eat more.”

“Sit in a separate table ordering your own food and paying for your own food.”

“I would suggest you two go for a buffet”

On a much serious note, some netizens did try their best to help the poor girl out by giving their two cents. But, of course, every piece of advice is different and is debatable. 

“If he is paying for your dinner, then you pay for parking or if you think he is paying more then can buy him some titbits/ milk tea or pay for the movie tickets. But still, I would suggest you have a chat with him on this matter.”

“Not sure whether you are financially stable. Who earned more should pay more? That’s my 2 cents, we always take turn to buy dinner. Splitting the bills is a bit troublesome for me. But whoever with a ‘deeper pocket’ just buy more dinner.”

“To be honest, you have to mentally be prepared to go for a date, which means you will need to spend. If you are not willing to spend then stay single.”

My thoughts: True love shouldn’t cost a dime. 

What are your thoughts on this story? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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