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Girl Lists BF’s Strengths & Weaknesses, Asks Netizens Whether She Should Leave Him



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Nobody is perfect and there is no perfect relationship. We are bound to face the highs and lows of a relationship as everyone has their own imperfections.

So, what defines an ideal partner or relationship?

Well, there are so many factors to it but I would personally say, find someone who is imperfectly perfect. Someone who would love all your perfect imperfections. Yes, that is a John Legend reference. 

However, according to a post on a confession page, that is easier said than done.

In the post, a girl listed out her boyfriend’s strengths and weaknesses, seeking advice from the public as she is contemplating breaking up with him.

But, netizens were shocked by these ‘strengths and weaknesses’ as all the negative points she claimed of her boyfriend were simply petty. Take a look.

“Will your guys tolerate your boyfriend’s weakness by focusing on his strengths?

His strength:

  • Gentle
  • Keeps his distance from other girls
  • Very transparent, always gives me his phone
  • Always listens to me (e.g. If I’m craving any type of food, he would get it for me the next day)
  • Always gives me the best
  • Willing to spend time with me
  • Doesn’t throw a tantrum with me
  • Willing to help me do anything
  • Nags (positively)
  • Comes from a good family
  • I can be myself around him (farting and making him smell it, those kinds of things lol)

His weakness:

  • Easily irritated over petty matters
  • Not good in handling things
  • Not good at arranging things (s.g travelling, booking flight tickets, accommodation, transportation are mostly arranged by me)
  • Too skinny, bony to be exact
  • Feminine (sometimes he freaks out or gets scared, he screams)
  • Lousy photography skills
  • Very slow in eating and driving (50-60km/hr)
  • No sense of direction (We went to donate blood in a hospital after MCO and he forgot the way to the hospital)

I have mentioned his weaknesses to him before. However, I think he still hasn’t improved. Deep down in my heart, I really do care [about him] but sometimes I wonder after being together for 6 years, am I really going to stay with this man forever?”


Her post garnered quite a lot of attention as netizens gave her a mouthful!

Here are some of the comments:

“If he changes all his weaknesses then his strengths will be gone too. For example, if he is good at planning and arrangement, he will be making all the decisions and not listen to you anymore. If he is busy with his career, then he will not have time to accompany you or take note of your feelings. Moreover, when he doesn’t have a single weakness, he may realise how great he is and choose to change you as a girlfriend anytime.

In a loving relationship, nothing is perfect, we don’t have 2 people that give 100% but 2 people that give 50%.”


“No one is perfect in this world, even you, just that he has never given up on you. But if you really cannot accept his weaknesses then just break up. Or else, one day you will leave him for the same reason too. It’s not that he needs to change but you have to learn to accept other people’s imperfections.”

” Kid, break up with your boyfriend. He must be making you very unhappy with so many of these weaknesses. Let him make other girls happy ok.”

Other netizens agreeably pointed out that she is being ungrateful and that she should count her blessings.

What are your thoughts on this debatable topic? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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