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Brit Student in Johor Will Chug 250ml Vodka From Stinky Sock to Fund Flight Back Home



Brit Student From Johor Will Complete 19 Gross Yet Hilarious Challenges For Money Back Home - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Facebook & The Sun
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Foreigners begging for money to return home isn’t new in Malaysia anymore, right? However, would you donate some money to a person to fly home if they promised to complete a series of challenges for your entertainment?

According to the Malay Mail, a 21-year-old British student named Charlotte Duff is requesting people to help her raise £692 (RM3,850) for her flight back home to Newcastle, UK and in return, she will complete a series of challenges, especially for her donors. Not a bad idea, tbh. 

Source: Facebook

“I’m studying abroad in Johor which is crackin’, got a good tan and tings.”

“However, I have a problem… the social life here is a bit lacking compared to the love of my liver, Newcastle,” wrote Charlotte on her fundraising site, JustGiving.

She explained that she wants to fly home to attend a “massive party” with her family and friends before returning to Malaysia for her exams. Girls just want to have fun! 

Source: Facebook

So, as an incentive to her donors, Charlotte promised to complete 19 crazy yet hilarious challenges as the donation increases. For example, she vowed to eat 20 Malaysian snails if she hits £200 (RM1,110). Wow, that’s a lot of snails! 

“If £500 (approx. RM2,700) is raised, I will eat a full durian (if you don’t know what this is, google it),” she wrote on the site.

This challenge would be easy for most Malaysians, right? 😛

Source: Facebook

Charlotte shared that this fundraising began when she made a comment on how she wished she could go home. 

“I made a comment about how I wished I could go and from that it escalated into a JustGiving page and a list of horrific challenges being created.”

“I came up with a long list of stupid things and then fine ranked them based on how awful they were.”

“It’s also important for me to see my family and stock up on coco rocks! It’s my favourite cereal but unfortunately you can’t buy it out here,” said Charlotte.

Currently, she has 24 supporters who had raised approximately £310 (RM1,700) for her to fly home. Wow! 

Source: JustGiving

This means that so far, she has completed six out of 19 challenges – which include eating a plate of fish head and making a watermelon helmet – but the grossest ones are yet to come. Jeng jeng jeng! 

Brit Student From Johor Will Complete 19 Gross Yet Hilarious Challenges For Money Back Home - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: The Sun

“I’m least looking forward to drinking quarter of a litre of vodka from a sock that I’ve worn for 24 hours and ran a mile in for sure,” she said. Sounds nasty! 

However, if she doesn’t hit her target, she said that she will return all the donations to the donors. Nonetheless, she still hopes to hit the target before the price of the flight tickets rise. 

Charlotte’s initiative to raise funds for herself is certainly one of a kind! We wish her all the best with her fundraising and heaps amounts of luck to complete the gross yet funny challenges.

On a side note, would you actually donate to Charlotte just to see her complete these challenges? Tell us in the comments! 


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