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Bride From India Calls Off Wedding After Groom Failed To Recite x2 Multiplication Table



Source: Samrat Khadka|Unsplash & Chris Liverani|Unsplash

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Who knew marriage was made in……YOUR STANDARD ONE MATHS CLASS?

They say you only really know a person once you’ve married them. But this usually applies to learning their living habits or if they leave the toilet seat up after they use it. However, this bride from Mahoba, India discovered something horrifying about her would-be husband and it suffices to say that things didn’t add up.

Times Now News reported that the bride from Uttar Pradesh called off her wedding when her husband could not recite the x2 multiplication table which, we can confidently say, is the easiest one out there. The groom and his procession arrived at the wedding hall when the bride got suspicious of his academic qualifications and asked him to recite the table before they exchanged the garlands.

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Previously, the bride suspected that the groom’s family had lied about the groom’s education level. When the groom failed his test, the bride simply walked away and left the wedding hall. Local police reported that it was an arranged marriage between the two parties.

Even though the bride’s family tried to talk her out of the decision however the bride insisted that she would not marry a man who doesn’t even know his basic mathematics.

“The groom’s family did not tell us exactly about his level of education. Maybe even he never went to school!”

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The wedding was allegedly arranged by both families without the consent of both the bride and the groom. However, in the end, both families decided to reach a mutual arrangement and decided to return all the gifts they received back to each other.

All the potential brides out there, what is something your groom MUST know? Let us know in the comments section!


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