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Boy Hilariously Uses 3 Cardboard Boxes to Cover School Uniform So That He Can Enter Cyber Cafe



Boy Uses Cardboard Boxes to Cover School Uniform So That He Can Enter Cyber Cafe - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Mothership.sg

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Back in the day when school kids didn’t have their own smartphones and had little to no access to the Internet, visiting a cyber cafe after school was quite a common culture.

However, their hopes for a game or two with their friends were usually crushed as certain cyber cafes wouldn’t let them in if they had their school uniforms on. And if they did not have a change of clothes with them, going home to change would run the risk of having their parents stop them from going out again.

While most children would probably give up on their plans and just go home, this boy came up with a rather peculiar way of trying to get into a cyber cafe with his uniform on.

Mothership reported that Instagram user Terenex stumbled upon this boy who had wrapped two cardboard boxes around his body in an attempt to cover the school uniform he was wearing underneath. She thought it was quite humorous and posted several photos of him on her Instagram Story.

It was at Parklane Mall where she spotted him asking for some cardboard boxes from some shops nearby and proceeding to wear the cardboard boxes around his body.

“I was going to dabao lunch with my colleagues at Parklane at around 12:45pm when we saw a kid in his school uniform trying to fit himself into two boxes. (Funnily enough the box was angled right at his butt and said ‘Yeast bread’)” she said.

She was confused as to why he was doing this, but soon realised what he was trying to do when she saw him move towards a LAN shop (gaming centre).

“We were confused for a moment, then we saw him waddling towards a LAN shop and realised he was trying to get in. The box disguise was to hide the fact that he was wearing a school uniform! Super innovative. He even made a hole for his arm to go through,” she said.

Unfortunately, she could not stay to see if he actually succeeded in getting in, but when she and her colleagues were done with lunch, they stumbled upon him again, this time with one extra box!

“We had a good laugh and went up to dabao our food. Before we left, we thought to check on our box boy again to see if he was successful,” Terenex said.

“We caught him in the midst of waddling back into the shop… only this time there is a third box in sight, covering his pants. We saw him standing in the shop speaking to the shop keeper. We’re not sure if he was successful, but he was certainly an inspiring figure for us all for his relentless perseverance and creativity.”

Mothership.sg reader, Joel, who was at the gaming centre when the hilarious event took place, shared with Mothership.sg a closer look at the boy in his three boxes.

Macam yes!

It is not known if the boy actually made it into the gaming centre via his creative genius in the end, but what we do know is that you should never give up on your dreams and that you should do whatever it takes to achieve it!

Do you think the boy managed to get into the gaming centre? Maybe he actually did considering the extent he went to get in.


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