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Arrogant Mother Tells Son That Foodpanda Riders Are All Either Ex-Convicts or Uneducated



Arrogant Mother Tells Son Foodpanda Riders Are Uneducated People Or Ex-Convicts - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Getty Images

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Just recently (26 December), a Twitter user took to social media to share how a self-entitled mother blatantly told her son that all food delivery staff are either uneducated people or ex-convicts. This mind-boggling incident happened in Causeway Point, Singapore.

Source: Getty Images

According to the netizen, he is a part-time Foodpanda rider and was unfortunate enough to share the same lift with the mother and son. Suddenly, the kid pointed at the rider and said, “Mummy, when I grow up, can I work like him?”

The mother shockingly responded,

“No, you cannot work like this. This job is for all those people who never study hard and people who just got out of jail.”

The rider was taken aback by the extremely judgemental answer but managed to keep calm. Later, he voiced out his thoughts on Twitter as he felt the need to set things straight. Clearly, he doesn’t fit the stereotype because the 17-year-old teen is actually studying at a polytechnic school for his diploma.

“Foodpanda is just my part-time job to earn money for my daily expenditures. I don’t want to rely on my parents because I want to be independent and my family is facing some financial issues. For many of us (riders), we are still studying,” he wrote. 

He continued talking about how customers are always finding fault with the riders. For instance, when the paper bags get wet in the rain, the customers would threaten to complain to the riders’ manager. “Even in the rain, customers get mad because the delivery arrived late. Why don’t you try riding or cycling in the rain to see how dangerous things can get?”

The post went viral online with netizens criticising the mother for her insensitive comment.

“Even if some riders just got out of jail, it shows they are trying to start anew and making an honest living for themselves. Show some respect to a fellow human being please,” a netizen said. 

“At least Foodpanda riders don’t beg or steal from others. They are earning an honest living by sending the food to your doorstep regardless of the weather. They shouldn’t be looked down upon! ” another netizen said. 

Hopefully, after reading this post, the mother realises that blue-collar jobs aren’t less noble than white-collar jobs in any way.  We’d like to thank all riders for delivering food to our doorstep even in terrible weather. They are the true unsung heroes!


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