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Are You Always On Edge? Here Are 6 Signs You’re In An Emotionally Draining Friendship


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Friends are one of the most important support systems in our lives. By surrounding ourselves with the right people, we experience a sense of connectedness and safety. 

Sadly, there are times when some friendships become more emotionally draining than nurturing. Before these friendships start impacting your mental health, watch out for these signs of an emotionally draining friendship!


1. They dominate the conversation 

Ideally, the conversations between friends consist of both sharing and active listening. However, most emotionally draining friends tend to be more self-centred and less empathetic. They might manipulate the conversation in their favour, making sure that every topic revolves around them!

These attitudes can be exceptionally obvious when you and your friends are talking about random topics that are unrelated to any of you. When they dominate the conversation, you can find it hard to express your opinion, let alone feel heard or validated.

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2. It’s a codependent friendship 

A friend is codependent when he or she demonstrates excessive emotional reliance on you. This type of friendship usually requires you to be the rescuer and solve your friend’s never-ending problems. Worse yet, they can be possessive, controlling, and jealous!

Instead of respecting your life outside of them, they feel entitled to your time and attention. If your friend expects you to fulfil an endless list of needs and always be available for them, know that you deserve better!

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3. You feel uncomfortable around them

Your body never lies! To protect you from physical and emotional threats, your body gives you hints by actively reacting to the situations around you. If you constantly feel on edge around a friend, it’s time to look deeper into the friendship.

Could it be the non-stop gossiping and venting? Or your friend’s constant need for your undivided attention? It’s important to find out the causes of your uneasy emotions, so you can set healthy boundaries for future relationships.

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4. There’s an unhealthy competition

True friends are more than happy to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they are. Emotionally draining friends, on the other hand, are more eager to make everything a competition.

Instead of inspiring and motivating you, these friends might undermine your achievements by bragging about their success, even when it’s unrelated to your experience. Sometimes, you might even buy into their opinions and belittle your accomplishments!

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5. They violate your boundaries

Personal boundaries keep you safe by protecting your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, emotionally draining friends are usually unable to uphold your boundaries. They’re likely to disrespect your space and dismiss your needs

Other than making excuses for their disrespectful behaviours, some might even go as far as gaslighting you (e.g. blame you for being “too sensitive”). Regardless, keep in mind that you should never adjust your boundaries for anyone else’s comfort!

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6. You put in most of the effort

Emotionally draining friendships are often one-sided. There’s no emotional reciprocity, nor is there a balance of give and take. You might find your friends reaching out only when they need something, but refusing to turn up when you’re the one in need. 

Of course, we’re not suggesting that your friends should be there for you 24/7—especially when they’re going through a hard time themselves. The key is to ensure that both parties are putting in the effort to maintain the friendship!

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Ultimately, friends should make you feel loved, supported, and heard instead of tiring you out. If you find your friends are emotionally draining you, it’s time to draw healthy boundaries and practise self-care! 

What are your tips to maintain healthy and strong friendships? Let us know in the comments below!


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