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Adidas Finally Allows You To Design & Personalize Your Adidas Clothing, Footwear, And Accessories To Your Heart’s Content!


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Have you ever considered all those well-known designer “collabs” where renowned graphic designers or celebrities create one-of-a-kind designs for prestigious brands? (Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy Boost shoes come to mind)!

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For those of you die-hard Adidas fans who adore “the brand with 3 stripes” but have been wishing to personalize your Adidas clothing or footwear, fear not! Customization and personalization possibilities have finally been provided to make your Adidas truly one of a kind.

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Available at Adidas’ Brand Center Sunway Pyramid, Brand Center Pavilion and Sneaker Collect in KLCC, for consumers who purchase any Adidas products (apparel, accessories or footwear), you will be able to bring your design imagination to life!

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Be Your Own Creator!

Fortunately, Adidas personnel will be on hand to assist you as you choose what you want customized. They can advise you on your custom creation and which personalization options would work best for the things you have chosen.

The more complicated, equipment-using portion of the procedure will also be handled by Adidas professionals, freeing up the customers to concentrate on customizing their personalization to better fit their individual lives.

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Every workshop session is open to all walks of ages from kids all the way to adults that are looking to elevate and personalise their adidas products, with services such as vinyl heat press, embroidery, customized shoe stickers or accessories and many more.

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We had to pick a shoe that was easily customized, most settled with white Adidas Superstars as the blank canvas for our creations.

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Then we went up to the personalization area and selected every sticker we wanted to have heat-applied to the shoe’s sides and back.

You can choose from plain, every day funky and cute items as well as rainbow-colored lettering, Adidas logos in different colours, forms, and sizes (think lighting symbols, footballs, animals, silhouettes of everyday items).

Collage Adidas 1

The stickers were then applied to the sides and back of our shoes using heat. Of course, the Adidas team will provide you advice on the best place for your stickers.

This writer chose to obtain as many stickers as he could, including the initials of his whole name, as you can see in the photo below.

20220705 184833 1

The heat iron press is extremely hot, but thankfully the staff will do it for you.

Collage 2 3

After that was finished, we decided how we would like to personalise the shoe’s side “stripes.”

There are many graphic options available, but this writer decided on a “Japanese” red sun pattern to match the shoe’s “black and red” aesthetic.

Image 2 D

After cutting out the strips, it was also heat-pressed onto the shoe. This is what it looks like after that process was done:

20220705 184835

The selection of the additional accessories, specifically the shoe rings, shoe dubrae, and laces, was the next step in the footwear process.

20220705 184842

This writer chose four shoe rings that go on top of the laces because he wanted it to be as distinctive, striking, and loud as possible. Two of the rings feature the blue Adidas logo design, and the other two include lightning symbols.

Another Adidas emblem was chosen, this time in white and gold, for the shoe dubrae (the metal pin at the base of the laces).

When the shoe still didn’t feel finished, a crimson shoe lace was chosen to add that final pop of colour.

And voila, this is the Mushamir Mustafa Limited Edition Adidas ‘Mushy’ sneaker edition! 

20220705 184847

And these were all the participants’ shoes on display:

20220705 175753

Here’s a recap of all the services and the best locations to get what you want.

Vinyl heat press: Available across all the customization zones located at Brand Center Sunway Pyramid, Brand Center Pavilion and Sneaker Collect in KLCC

Embroidery services for apparel: Brand Center Sunway Pyramid 

Direct to garment customization (print a design right onto their apparel): MakerLab at Brand Center Pavilion

Footwear-focused personalization: Customization Corner at Sneaker Collect KLCC

And while we customized our shoes, Adidas does offer apparel customizations as well:

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It’s wonderful to see a massive, well-known company like Adidas give customers the chance to express their creativity by providing possibilities for personalization like this. It is a fantastic indication that they are constantly innovating and reinventing themselves to offer the greatest services and goods.

 Do keep an eye on the Adidas social media platforms for news on each session and for your chance to be your own creator! Check them out on their official website, Facebook and Instagram

We wonder how YOU will be personalizing your designs!


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Source: Adidas
Source: Adidas

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