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Hot But Cool: 6 Little Fashion Tips For Every M’sian To Look & Feel Good In Our Tropical Weather!


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Source: Zeny Rosalina/Unsplash & Luigi Estuye/Unsplash

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Quite envious lah knowing that we can’t look stylish in spring, autumn and winter fashion! ? But on the bright side (pun intended?), we don’t need to stress about our fashion every season! Plus, we can invest more money into our evergreen clothing that would last all year long~

And hey, who says summer clothing can’t look stylish? We just need to know a few nifty tricks so that we can effortlessly level up our tropical fashion! ??

Ready to look AND feel fashionable with us? ?

1. Stay ❄️ with lightweight AND breathable clothes!

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This is because heavy fabrics LOVE clinging to your skin, trapping the heat between your clothes and skin and building up sweat faster. On a similar note, clothes with lightweight material (i.e. 100% cotton or linen) are a godsend in maximising airflow through the fabric, letting you dry and cool off much faster than other materials. ? You’ll probably still be sweating underneath the hot sun, but it’ll still be much easier to cool off and stay fresh!

Topgarden Flow
Opt for a flowy/loose outfit for maximum airflow!


2. Swap your flip-flops for timeless leather sandals

Top Sandals Dcl 650 Lyjaczpswo0 Unsplash

It’s all too easy to stick to latex slippers that you change every two years, but you’d be missing out on a stylistic and comfort opportunity! Leather sandals are great not only in the fashion sense (pairs well with most outfits, and comes in different variations that are mostly stylish), but they’re also suuuuuuuper comfy – they even get more comfortable the longer you wear, as the leather shapes according to your feet!

Leather sandals may be costlier, but they’ll last A LOT longer than your regular rubber pairs. Worth the investment!


3. Say NO to cheap, counterfeit sunglasses!

Topgarden Shades

Of course, we know that the fake branded shades we bought super cheap at the pasar malam would have no UV (ultraviolet) protection – purely for looks mah! ? In reality, they actually cause more harm than not wearing sunglasses AT ALL! ? This is because your eyes THINK they’re in low light with cheap sunnies, so your pupils (which control how much light enters your eyes) will open up to allow more UV rays in and harm your precious eyesight.

So, be sure to invest in genuine sunglasses that offer 100% UV rays protection ya? #LoveYourEyes


4. Swing into #summervibes with bright & colourful… colours! 

Top Bright Mandy Zhang Hxl0Bq 8Ws Unsplash

There’s a scientific reason why summer fashion has nothing dark and brooding in its colours: bright colours absorb less heat than their darker counterparts, with white absorbing the least heat! Pink, yellow and the like are considered “bright” due to the level of light they reflect back, the same reason why we call black and navy blue “dark” colours. So, don’t be emo black yabring some colours into your life!


5. Reduce your accessories to one statement piece 

Topgarden Accessories

Who likes the feeling of their accessories sticking onto their sweaty skin when it’s ? as heck kan? Thus, this would be a good time to KonMari and simply stick to ONE statement accessory (i.e. earrings, headbands, a single bracelet), so you won’t have to tolerate any sticky situations (pun intended again) anymore. Plus, you can adopt a more distinctive style where your sole accessory speaks volumes! After all, less is more. ?


6. Find ways to keep your clothes smelling fresh and fragrant longer

Top Fresh Sarah Brown Oa7Pqzmmhua Unsplash

From DIY home remedies to general good habits (cleaning the washing machine, drying your laundry immediately), there are SO MANY easy methods that will help your clothes stay fresh for WEEKS without breaking the bank.

The result? You’ll feel more confident, thanks to the undeniable fact that your clothes smell like an English garden~ And confidence is the most important accessory to being stylish. ?

Orrrr if you want a MUCH easier and more efficient way to keep your clothes fresh for a longer period of time, we recommend using a good quality laundry detergent like TOP Super Low Suds Blooming Garden for all your laundry needs!

Topgarden Kv

TOP Super Low Suds Blooming Garden is an awesome laundry powder detergent that gives long lasting fragrance and freshness of up to 30 days* for your fabrics!

This means you get to savour that fresh laundry smell you know and love for almost a month! How refreshing does that sound?!

In an era where we’re more mindful of bacteria and viruses, TOP Super Low Suds Blooming Garden actually does more than just make your clothes smell nice. Thanks to its Advanced Micro-Clean Tech (AMCT), it effectively removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses*, including SARS-CoV-2 (causes COVID-19), Influenza A and Coxsackie, with the latter leading to Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

If you have any allergy issues caused by mite-dust, you’ll be pleased to know that it even removes 99.9% of mite-dust* for a worry-free lifestyle!

*Based on independent lab test conducted in Japan

Aside from that, TOP Super Low Suds Blooming Garden is a low suds detergent that makes your laundry washing more energy-efficient, saving water, energy and time for up to 25 minutes! This is because regular detergent produces more soap suds, which means more water is needed to properly wash your clothes.

No need to worry if you see the lack of foam though! TOP Super Low Suds Blooming Garden has anti-sebum properties, thoroughly cleaning your worn fabrics by pulling out sweat, body oil and trapped dirt!

Not forgetting that it’s suitable for overnight and indoor drying, as well as prevents fabrics from early ageing so that your stylish apparel stay looking good in the long run!

So now my clothes can stay virus-free, last longer AND smell fresh for up to a month? Where to buy it???

Bring the smell of a thriving garden into your wardrobe today! It’s as easy as getting the TOP Super Low Suds Blooming Garden powder detergent today by getting it on Shopee Malaysia!

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