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A Bunch of M’sians Worked Together to Help a Disabled Uncle at LRT Station



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Source: The Independent&Twitter

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Sometimes it’s good to take a moment and go out of our way to help others.

So good is the deed of helping others, that we believe tales such as this should be shared to inspire others to do a good deed of their own.

Taking to Twitter, @nellynonoi shared a picture of her holding an elderly man’s hand whilst helping an uncle going down the steps at a monorail station.

Source: Twitter

She writes, “I was on my way back to Puchong from Nu Sentral. When I got out of the Monorail and headed for the stairs I saw an uncle having difficulty going down the steps.”

“So I asked him, ‘uncle can you see? Hold my hand. I’ll help you. Where are you headed?”

The uncle responded, “Oh I hold your hand aa I’m going to Star LRT. I lost my sight. I can see only shadows.”

She shared that they both walked and talked all the way, and helped the uncle to reach the Chan Sow Lin station as she was on the same train heading towards Putra Heights.

Source: Twitter

“He asked me are you Chinese, Malay or Indian because I cannot see. I can only hear your voice.”

She responded, “I am Malay. He kept on apologizing for not being able to see. This made me so emotional, he never asked for this to happen.”

Upon reaching the station, a kakak speaking to her husband gave them her seat.

As the LRT arrived, the crowd gave way to both @nellynonoi and the uncle.

Source: Twitter

The uncle’s destination came up as it was only two stations away from Hang Tuah, witnessed a pierced and tattooed man taking the responsibility of caring for the uncle as they reached the Chan Sow Lin station.

From there @nellynonoi said that two girls went on to help the uncle as he made his way from the train.

Source: Twitter

Proud at Malaysians who stepped up to the plate and helped the uncle, @nellynonoi writes, “I refuse to look into other details, but simply focus on the fact that Malaysians are still very concerned citizens though they don’t talk about it as much.”

“From the husband and wife who offered us seats to passengers giving us space on the train, the man helping the uncle off the train, and the girls helping him off the station, there are still those with a kind heart, be it young or old.”

Netizens too shared their experience witnessing others or performing good deeds themselves.

One wrote, “I always take the Rapid bus and realized this too. If a person with special needs enters the bus, someone will help them by holding their hand.”

Another wrote, “Reading this makes me happy there are still good people out there.”

Share this story and may we all be inspired to perform a good deed of our own.

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Malaysians Give Lend A Helping Hand To Disabled Uncle At A LRT Station - WORLD OF BUZZ

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