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9 Things to Take Away From Mahathir’s Final Speech Before GE14 Polling Day


9 Things To Take Away From Mahathir’S Finale Speech Before Ge14 Polling Day - World Of Buzz 3
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In case you missed it, Dr. Mahathir presented an epic finale speech on the 8th of May, the eve of Malaysia’s 14th General Elections (GE14). The speech comes as Pakatan Harapan’s final campaign in rallying fellow Malaysians to come together for Polling Day and cast their votes for a better Malaysia.

Here's Where You Can Watch Tun Mahathir's Final Ge14 Address Tonight - World Of Buzz

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For those of you who weren’t able to catch the monumental speech, here’s a quick summary of what it encompassed:


1. We used to be known globally as the ‘Tiger of Asia’

Malaysia has come a long way since its independence from the colonisers. Through technological advancements and adept government administration, we’ve gone leaps and bounds ahead of countries who’ve achieved independence with us. Even through the occurrence of 13 May 1969, we rose above it on our own and restored the peace and stability throughout the country – earning us the global recognition of ‘Tiger of Asia’.


2. Malaysia has gone from a democracy to a kleptocracy

In his speech, Dr. M addressed how the actions of the ruling party has resulted in Malaysia’s fall from grace. As of late, the world has turned a judgemental eye toward Malaysia, dubbing us one in ten countries for having the most corrupted administration in the world.

9 Things To Take Away From Mahathir’S Finale Speech Before Ge14 Polling Day - World Of Buzz

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“From fighting for the good of the country, the current administration has brought about the belief that anything can be bought with money”

“We are no longer defined as a democracy, but instead as a kleptocracy – a country ruled by corruption and thieves”


3. For the sake of a harmonious Malaysia, we have to stick together

We are fortunate enough to be a country of various culture, race and religion. Dr. M mentions that unlike other countries that force the people’s hand at only believing in one culture and one religion, we accept and respect one another’s beliefs and customs. Stick together, that is the only way we will be a formidable force to be reckoned with.


4. The youth will inherit our nation, give them a chance to be heard

Dr. M also highlighted how the youth should be given a voice to be heard. They are the inheritors of our nation and any efforts made for the future of the country should be done in consideration for the good of future generations. Equip them with the necessary knowledge and let there be a united understanding between the young and the old.

9 Things To Take Away From Mahathir’S Finale Speech Before Ge14 Polling Day - World Of Buzz 1

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“This age of technology is far better suited to the minds of the young. Only the minds of the young are not bothered by obsolete technologies.”

“That is why they must be given ample opportunity and development in the fields of information technology, computer sciences, circuit designing and programming to master these skills for the sake of a better quality of life in the future”


5. The opposition’s responsibility isn’t just to oppose, but to build a new government

Dr. M also highlighted how GE14 is evidently different from the previous elections. For one, the opposition parties would have very little hope of overthrowing the ruling administration. This time, the opposition has a fighting chance and is here to stay. Not only that, but they have a responsibility to build a new government from scratch for the betterment of the country.


6. The fate of our country lies in the hands of the rakyat

Dr. M also mentions how a country is nothing if not for the support of its people. That much can also be said for a government administration. The ability to affect change not only lies in the political party but more importantly in the support of the rakyat to act on that call for change.


7. Protect and regain Malaysia’s territories

9 Things To Take Away From Mahathir's Finale Speech On 8 May - World Of Buzz

Source: youtube

Dr. M appeals to the rakyat to protect Malaysia’s territory and identity instead of letting them fall into the hands of colonizers. He goes on to say that since the sale of Proton, Malaysia no longer has a national car to call their own. Not only that, the industry of mechanical engineering of car components in Malaysias has ceased to exist!

“Do not let our identities be bought and taken over by foreign territories!”


8. “This is my last contribution in the fight for the country that I love”

As part of his closing statement, Dr. M highlights the reason he has come out of retirement to fight for what he loves; his country. He addresses the criticisms that he is too old now and should just rest instead.

“Yes, I would love to rest, but many have approached me and have asked me to do something to stop the disrepair happening in the country.”

“Groups after groups of people came to see me, desperate to see something done to save our beloved country. How could I possibly let them down?”


9. No lives have to be sacrificed to save our country, you need only VOTE!

9 Things To Take Away From Mahathir’S Finale Speech Before Ge14 Polling Day - World Of Buzz 2

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In his speech, Mahathir also mention how in neighbouring countries, many would lay down their lives in order to protect the sovereignty and independence of their country. Thankfully, Malaysians won’t have to go through anything as drastic as sacrificing their lives. You only need to vote. YES YOU HEARD THE MAN!

So, get out there and let your voices be heard. Whatever side you choose, let it be towards a better Malaysia. Happy voting and remember, jangan undi rosak!


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