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8 Little Things That Make Us Proud to Be Malaysian


8 Little Things That Make Us Proud To Be Malaysian - World Of Buzz 6
Source: JakartaPost

If you think about it, life as a Malaysian is honestly, pretty great. There are thousands of things we can be thankful for, and a billion other things we can be proud of, most of which we often disregard or take for granted. Sigh. So, here’s a gentle reminder on some of the little things that we as Malaysians can actually be extremely proud of:


1. We can say one sentence in two, three or more languages

[Test] 8 Little Things That Make Us Proud To Be Malaysian - World Of Buzz
Source: MalayMail

Our Malaysian slang and rojak language are so unique that it should be made into a brand new language.


2. We can pick up different languages/dialects within minutes

8 Little Things That Make Us Proud To Be Malaysian - World Of Buzz 5

Source: tumblr

If there’s one talent all Malaysians possess, it’s the ability to learn and speak in different languages almost instantly. I mean, what else would you expect from growing up among different races!

Seriously, we can pick it up within minutes by watching our favourite dramas or simply listening to someone talk!


3. We adapt easily no matter where we are because we understand the history, culture and even superstitions of other races

[Test] 8 Little Things That Make Us Proud To Be Malaysian - World Of Buzz 1
Source: TheStar

Besides knowing the culture of people who are of different backgrounds, being brought up around different races and ethnicity has taught us to adapt easily and comfortably no matter where we are in the world. It’s not much of a culture shock for us when we visit most places because we’re kinda used to it!


4. We’re all practically, somewhat, related to one another

[Test] 8 Little Things That Make Us Proud To Be Malaysian - World Of Buzz 2

Source: shutterstock

Life is so simple when we can simply refer to those older than us as “uncle” or “auntie” (although this is what most people use for those related to them, but we use it to address strangers too). As for those who aren’t as old, we sometimes call them “bang” (short for abang aka brother) or “kak” (short for kakak aka sister), even though they aren’t actually our abangs or kakaks.


5. When travelling overseas to nearby countries, we can roughly make out what locals there are saying

X Little Things That Make Us Proud To Be Malaysian - World Of Buzz 2

Source: jakartapost

Locals in countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and more, speak in Malay, Mandarin or Cantonese too. Albeit slightly different from what we’re used to speaking, we’re still able to (roughly) make out what they’re saying, and this makes travelling a whole lot more convenient! Ain’t nobody got time for Google Translate.


6. We have a palate for everything edible

When it comes to food, we Malaysians can be pretty bold and courageous. Don’t play, play!

From rojak and sambal belacan to Durian and intestines, we can eat them all; and thanks to this gift, we’re able to enjoy almost anything and everything we put into our mouths. 😉


7. Two words: MALAYSIAN. FOOD.

Need we say more?


8. Our group of friends is probably made up of multiple races

Look around you, odds are you’re surrounded by friends and family members of different ages, sizes, backgrounds and even race. We all look different, dress differently, walk and talk differently, but at the end of the day, we all have one thing in common and that’s being Malaysian.

The fact that so many of us are able to live boldly and embrace diversity together is a beautiful thing, and this should never be taken for granted!

With that said, this 2018, together with Guinness, we want to celebrate the blend of diverse textures, elements and traits of Malaysians that make Malaysia more colourful.

These attributes are the little things that make being Malaysian really special and Guinness is highlighting that with the launch of three brand new, limited edition, Malaysian-inspired Guinness Foreign Extra Stout bottle designs.

[Test] 8 Little Things That Make Us Proud To Be Malaysian - World Of Buzz 3

Each gorgeous design showcases the different cultures and attributes that make Malaysia special and it’s definitely something uniquely Malaysian.

So, make sure you set a date to grab a cold one (or two) with your friends soon. Hurry though, collect all three designs before they run out!

Find out more about Guinness’ limited edition, Malaysian-inspired designed bottles here!

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