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8 Exciting Things To Do in Macao that No Malaysian Should Ever Miss


8 Extreme Sports And Festivities In Macao That Malaysians Are Going Crazy Over - World Of Buzz

Are you sitting at home or in the office right now wishing your life could be a tad bit more exciting? Tired of your repetitive day-to-day schedule? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Unknown to most, Macao offers many awesome places for adventurers and thrill-seekers alike. Think Macao is only known for its good street food? Oh, you couldn’t be more wrong! Check out some of these amazing spots!

1. The epic Macao Tower Bungy Jump

Macau - World Of Buzz 2

Source: ajhackett


Macau - World Of Buzz 3

Source: ajhackett

Standing at 764 ft. high, the Macao Tower Bungy Jump happens to be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump in the world.

Here, jumpers will be able to leap off a platform 233m above the ground and experience the most epic free fall ever, for five long seconds, before slowing down just 30m above the ground. The system will also allow jumpers to rebound a couple times before landing on a special airbag.

In case you’re worried, the special guide cables used will ensure jumpers don’t come in contact with the tower after they jump. These special cables are also built to withstand almost all weather conditions, making night bungy jumps during winter and summer possible too!


2. Macao Food Festival

X Extreme Sports And Festivities In Macau That Malaysians Are Going Crazy Over - World Of Buzz 8

Source: sundaykiss

After all the excitement and festivities, it’s important to feed your stomachs too, and as Malaysians, that’s often the most important activity of the day!

What better place to do that than at the Macao Food Festival where you can taste the delicious local cuisine and experience all that Macao has to offer in one place! From fresh seafood and grilled delicacies to baked goods and ice-cold desserts among other Macanese cuisines, you can get it all here!

This year, the festival will be separated into “streets”, with each street representing a particular cuisine, making it much easier for you to find your way around.


3. Macao Tower Climb

Macau - World Of Buzz

Source: ajhackett


Macau - World Of Buzz 1

Source: ajhackett

For all you Malaysian daredevils out there, here’s something that might interest you – an activity that even the crew of the place deem extremely scary.

Climb up a 100m vertical ladder, stand at 1109 ft. above the ground on the Macao Tower, and touch the sky. Climbers can also expect a 360-degree breathtaking view of Macao from the top!

Definitely not for the faint of heart, this activity will require climbers to be in moderate shape as it will require a lot of physical strength. However, at the end of it, climbers can look forward to the vast open space of the Macao sky and get the view of a lifetime.


4. Macao Tower Sky Jump

Macau - World Of Buzz 4

Source: macautower

Macau - World Of Buzz 5

Source: macaotower

Jump off the same platform as the bungee – 233m above the ground – in standing position, but instead of free falling, the Sky Jump gives jumpers a controlled descend. You can also expect a very smooth landing at the end, where you land on your feet.


5. Macao Tower Skywalk

Macau - World Of Buzz 6

Source: ajhackett


Macau - World Of Buzz 7

Source: ajhackett

Ever stood hundreds of feet above the ground behind glass windows and wondered what it’d be like to be on the other side? Well, wonder no more!

At the Macao Tower Skywalk, curious individuals can take a stroll around the perimeter of the tower, 233m above ground, on a walkway measuring just 1.8m wide. Talk about a walk to remember.

Get a 360-degree view of beautiful Macao and take some insanely sick Instagram-worthy photos here too!



6. Macao Latin Parade

X Extreme Sports And Festivities In Macau That Malaysians Are Going Crazy Over - World Of Buzz 3

source: hulutrip


X Extreme Sports And Festivities In Macau That Malaysians Are Going Crazy Over - World Of Buzz 4

Source:  hulutrip

This Latin Parade, or better known as ‘Parade Through Macao, Latin City’ is a cultural event held yearly in the month of December to celebrate Macao’s handover to China. Here, visitors can watch as the procession unfolds along the streets and also learn about Macao’s rich history.

Expect colourful and dazzling performances accompanied by the sweet sound of music and singing in the air during this joyous occasion.


7. Macao Light Festival

If you love watching the night lights glisten in the dark, you’ll most probably fall in love with Macao’s Light Festival.

This unique festival will feature spectacular light installations, jaw-dropping 3D light mapping as well as interactive games! It’s a festival like no other that will surely give visitors a magical and memorable night.


8. International Film Festival & Awards • Macao

X Extreme Sports And Festivities In Macau That Malaysians Are Going Crazy Over - World Of Buzz 5

Source: iffamacao

Passionate about films and film-making? Do you dream of being a world-renowned director some day? Then the IFFAM is the place for you!

X Extreme Sports And Festivities In Macau That Malaysians Are Going Crazy Over - World Of Buzz 6

Source: iffamacao

Established as a hub for new filmmakers, this festival hopes to encourage and support filmmakers as well as help incubate their second or third features. It also acts as a meeting place for Western and Asian filmmakers alike to meet and collaborate artistically and business wise. Definitely the place to be if you need some inspiration!

Well, there you have it. Just some of the ways you can make your life a lot more exciting! Also, if you’re looking to plan a trip to Macao sometime this year and have no idea how to plan your trip, we’ve got good news!

If you need more info on where to go, what to do and how to get around, the ‘Macao Wonders of Autumn’ Tourism Roadshow is happening! 

Visit the roadshow at Lot 10 Shopping Centre, KL, from 26 – 29 October 2017, 10AM – 10PM daily!

8 Extreme Sports And Festivities In Macau That Malaysians Are Going Crazy Over - World Of Buzz

However, if you happen to be living outside of KL, don’t worry, the roadshow will also be happening in Johor, from 2 – 5 November 2017 as well!

For more info on the roadshow or to learn more about Macao Tourism, click here!

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