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7 Nostalgic Foods All M’sian Students Will Definitely Remember Eating During Their Stressful Uni Days



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Everyone remembers how stressful university life was. You had to deal with assignments, exams, group projects, even relationships. All of these things can be overwhelming for any student which often leads us to look for something to relieve our stress.

Being Malaysian, our number one source of comfort is obviously food! As uni students, we would seek out simple, cheap but delicious treats that helped to boost our moods no matter what difficulties we faced. You might remember some of these treats from your uni days:


1. The snack that was sure to turn your lips red: Spicy Taiwanese Sausage 

You might remember eating these super spicy sausages at popular food courts like Asia Cafe, Ming Tien or even in your uni cafeteria back in the day. These incredibly spicy yet deliciously grilled sausages are a popular snack even today and you can still find them at certain hawker centres.

Taiwanese sausages can be ordered at different levels of spiciness. If you’re one of the brave ones, you probably tried the highest level of spiciness on your first try and had to gulp down a couple of giant glasses of watermelon juice after. This hot treat was sure to get your mind off any sort of stress because it’s tasty, and being Malaysians, the spice was the best part.



2. XXL fried chicken was a meal on its own

This boneless, breaded fried chicken is also a Taiwanese-inspired snack that was quite a student favourite. You can usually find them in your uni cafeterias or at a shop nearby including mall kiosks or even some ‘pasar malams‘. They’re usually quite spicy thanks to the generous amount of chilli powder sprinkled all over.

It’s quite a good portion too. You’re basically eating a whole chicken chop on the go! Outlets like Shihlin Taiwanese Street Snacks also serve other things on the menu like sweet plum potato fries and seafood tempura, but their XXL fried chicken will always be the comfort food of choice for many uni students.


3. Crispy fried oyster mushrooms that are as addictive as any snack

When you need to munch your worries away, sometimes all you need is something light but tasty. Some of you might have ordered a plate of these crispy fried mushrooms before and it’s hard to stop once you start eating them! These crispy treats are usually lightly salted and sprinkled with chilli or peppercorn powder to give it an extra kick.



4. The grilled chicken wings that complemented almost every meal

Just go to any food court at night or even your uni’s in-house food stalls/cafeteria and you’re sure to find someone selling chicken wings grilled over a fire. They also come in a few variants: original, honey, and bbq depending on the stall. This plate of chicken wings is definitely a go-to snack when you’re feeling peckish after a night of cramming in some revisions.

They also come with a special garlic chilli dipping sauce to add flavour but it’s normally quite tasty on its own!


5. Mango shakes that were more of a dessert than a drink

There’s nothing quite like a sweet, creamy, icy cup of mango shake to boost your mood. You might have had this drink before while you were still in uni and know how refreshing it is. Some places even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top with a few chunks of mango to make it a full-on dessert! The only other drink that could give mango shakes a run for its money is probably coconut shakes.


6. A sweet or savoury wrap from Hot & Roll

If you’ve not had a freshly cooked crispy wrap from here, you are missing out! It’s impossible for you to not have tried a Hot & Roll wrap since they have outlets scattered almost everywhere, including universities. This was a student favourite because of how easy it is to bring around and how good they are!

You could choose from either a sweet crepe like banana chocolate or a savoury one like chicken & cheese depending on your mood. Its portions are good enough for it to be a proper meal (unless you have a very large appetite) and their prices were also attractive especially to students who are living on an allowance (or broke all the time).



7. Convenience store foods like instant cup noodles, ikan bilis buns, or potato chips

Admit it, there were days you would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out of a convenience store. Everything from instant cup noodles, ikan bilis buns and even potato chips made up your diet at some point. In fact, you probably had a bag of potato chips on you all the time!


After all, munching on it helped keep our minds off the craziness that is uni life just for a few short minutes.

You must remember stocking up on bags of Mister Potato and just pulling them out during class right in the middle of a lecture, like the kickass student you were.

Evidently, Mister Potato has accompanied many students throughout their lives on campus and over the years, they’ve come up with so many unique flavours that Malaysians love.

Now, they’ve released a brand new series of crinkle cut chips called Mister Potato Syok Wave!

Apart from being super crunchy, this new series comes in three kaw-kaw flavours – Seafood, Fiery Fried Chicken, and BBQ.

Rasa Syok, Rangup Giler is the only way we can describe it!


Needless to say, Mister Potato Syok Wave can be enjoyed while you study, work, watch movies or even while playing with your Nintendo Switch. Don’t own a Nintendo Switch? Well, not to worry because Mister Potato is giving you a chance to win one too!

Just join the #DoTheSyokWavePose TikTok challenge and stand a chance to win a brand new Nintendo Switch gaming console! Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Shoot a TikTok video doing the #DoTheSyokWavePose challenge
  2. Match as many poses as you can within 15 seconds
  3. Upload your video with the hashtag #DoTheSyokWavePose
  4. Make your profile public and share it with your friends for more likes

That’s it! The top five entries with the most likes will each win a Nintendo Switch! So start shooting your most syok poses because the contest ends on 31 August 2020!

To stay updated on all things Mister Potato, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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