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6 Things All M’sians Did Desperately As Kids To Earn Pocket Money & Rewards From Their Parents



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Source: L.A. Parent & WOB

When we were kids, our parents would always find a way to get us to do chores or behave well by giving us some sort of reward. The rewards might sound like nothing to us now as adults but as kids, they were a big deal.

In any case, we feel like the rewards are fair since we were just children. As adults, who is going to give us free ice cream just to do a simple house chore, right? Have you gotten anything like the things below as rewards from your parents when you were kids?


1. Helping your parents wash plates after dinner to get some pocket money

Washing Dishes

This is probably every Malaysian millennial’s first experience of having a “job”. Some of our parents would offer us RM1 to help them do household chores such as sweeping the floor, washing the car, or cleaning up any messes in the house.

This was actually a great way to teach us how to value money and may have contributed to how frugal some of us can be. On the other hand, some of us may have just used that money to go buy sweets from the kedai runcit.


2. Getting straight A’s for PMR or SPM so you can get a PlayStation or new phone

Spm Results Edited

Any parent would be overjoyed when their child does well in school, and for some lucky teenagers, they actually get a big reward like a new mobile phone or Playstation when they get a perfect score in a big exam like PMR or SPM.

If your parents did this, show them some appreciation once in a while by buying them some ice cream or something!


3. Helping your parents pluck out their grey hairs and getting paid for each strand you plucked 

Gray Hair

This might sound unusual but it’s really something Malaysian kids and their parents do. You only get paid a few sen or maybe RM1 for each grey hair you plucked, but the satisfaction of pulling out the hairs is a reward in itself!

Maybe this is why kids stress their parents out so much. The more grey hairs you get to pluck, the more money you make!


4. Offering to go buy newspaper or sugar at the kedai runcit so you can keep the change

Kids At Store Edited

Sometimes our parents need something from the nearby store such as newspaper or a pack of sugar but are too busy to go, so we step in and offer to buy it for them if they allow us to keep the change.

If you think about it, it’s sort of like a service or delivery fee that you can keep in your savings or use to buy sweets at the store!


5. Finishing up your homework early so you can stay up a bit longer 

Staying Up Late

You usually can’t even stay awake that late

Our parents usually rewarded us for finishing our homework early, either with ice cream after dinner or even allowing us to stay up a bit past our bedtime! Ironically, most of us couldn’t even stay awake that long past our bedtime because we’re so used to going to sleep early.


6. Eating your vegetables so you can have ice cream for dessert

Pexels Kamaji Ogino 5094383

Your parents probably got you to eat and finish your vegetables at dinner by saying you can have ice cream for dessert. The promise of getting such a sweet treat after dinner would get us to wipe the plate clean of any vegetables no matter how much we hated it.

Ice cream is associated with most of our childhood memories and that’s no big surprise because who wouldn’t remember the taste of a rich, cold and creamy dessert? It’s all the sweeter when you’ve actually earned it but since you’re a working adult now, you can treat yourself to ice cream any time you want!

So if you’d like to relive your childhood, why not reward yourself with some cool, creamy treats from Baskin-Robbins this International Ice Cream Day!

To celebrate International Ice Cream day this 18th July, Baskin-Robbins is offering a couple of sweet deals for all ice cream lovers on their favourite childhood treat, the Classic Trio, which you might remember buying from the ice cream bike that used to pass your house every day!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Get the Classic Trio for only RM3.10 (normal price: RM9.50)
  • Enjoy a FREE Classic Trio with a purchase of any Handpacked items
Brm Classic Trio

Baskin-robbins classic trio

These offers are available to all Baskin-Robbins Mobile App users from 16th – 18th July. You can redeem the offers by following these simple steps:

  1. Download the Baskin-Robbins app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Find coupons on the Rewards page
  4. Present the coupons when purchasing the ice cream

Screenshot 20210713 191021

Baskin-Robbins is also releasing the new Ice Apam range in limited edition coconut waffles, which is inspired by our local snack apam balik to celebrate the upcoming Merdeka month! The Ice Apam selection is available in three variants:

  • Ice Apam Junior – RM11.50
  • Ice Apam Regular – RM15.50
  • Chocolate Dipped Ice Apam – RM18.50
Brm Ice Apam 1

Baskin-robbins chocolate dipped ice apam

They also come in specially-designed, batik-inspired packaging and if you look closely, the design on the package is actually made up of all the iconic Baskin-Robbins icons! How cute is that?

Brm Family Pack Showcase Packaging 1

Baskin-robbins family pack

So if you’ve been working hard day in and day out, maybe it’s time to kick back and give yourself some love with a well-deserved, delicious treat from Baskin-Robbins. Go ahead and get yourself some Baskin-Robbins Classic Trio or Ice Apam today. You’ve earned it!

Source: L.A. Parent

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