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5 Proudest Milestones In Our Adulting Journey That M’sian Millennials Can Konfem Relate!


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Source: expatliving & Oh_Ayana

Adulting is the act of turning into an adult and realising that it is nowhere near as fun as you thought it’d be when you were a child. From the challenges you have to go through and the many responsibilities you have to carry, it’s safe to say that it can be a pretty rough process.

But on the flip side, this journey is also full of fun and heartwarming moments that we should be proud of! In order to inspire our readers about how rewarding our adulting journey can be, we’ve asked a few Malaysians to share with us their proudest milestones that they’ve managed to achieve!


1. “I finished paying off my PTPTN loan all on my own”


“Much like many other Malaysian graduates, the PTPTN student loan really helped me get through my university years. After a few years of working, I’ve managed to pay off the remainder of my loan and it felt so good! I’m also glad that I did it all on my own without burdening my parents.” – Aizat, 27

To fellow fresh grads out there who are currently reading this, this moment will happen to you, too. 😉


2. “My adulting journey started the day I got my driver’s license”

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“After I got my license, my parents refused to drive me around anymore. It was terrifying at first but in a way, it also toughened me up. But now, I’m starting to wonder if my parents were just training me to become a driver for them and my younger siblings… 🤔” – Fenny, 28

Well, being able to drive also means we can grab ourselves some McD Chicken Nuggets or a Sundae Cone whenever we want so maybe adulting isn’t so bad after all! 😉


3. “I started giving out duit raya instead of receiving it” 

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“This was my first year to hand out duit raya after years of being on the receiving end of it! It felt very rewarding to be able to gift them to my parents. But now I also know the feeling of getting death stares from your nieces and nephews after they peeked into the money packet…” – Kay, 24

Adulting can surely be rewarding but it can also be very draining to our bank accounts… 🤧


4. “Finally left the childhood nest and started living on my own”

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There’s nothing quite like the milestone of finally moving out of your parents’ home and getting a place of our own especially for us Asians.

“Earlier this year, I got a job offer in another state so I finally got to move out of my family home and started living on my own. It felt like I unlocked a whole new level of ‘adulting’ now that I’m responsible for everything in my life.” – Seth, 25


5. “I’ve achieved my goal of getting promoted to my dream position!”

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“Ever since I started working, I’ve set a personal goal for myself to be an Art Director by the age of 30. And after years of consistent effort and hard work, I finally made my dream come true at the age of 29!” – Zikri, 29

This can be a reminder for everyone out there that as long as you put in enough effort in everything you do, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your dream!


There is no denying that the adulting journey can be tricky and full of overwhelming ups and downs. That is why we believe that this should be all the more reason for us to celebrate each of our achievements, no matter how small or big you think it is, because they are all proof of how far you’ve come!

The celebrations don’t even have to be grand. As long as you’re with loved ones, konfem it will be a joyous occasion! But if you’re too busy to even plan anything, we’ve got just the solution for you…

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Do you have your own proudest milestone in your adulting journey? We’d love to hear it below!

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