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5 Haunting Ghost Stories Told By Malaysians That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine



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1. Memories of the haunted house in Kuantan

There is a house in Kuantan with a sinister past- a terrace house,I think many have forgotten about that house was a haunted house. I think I do not have to pin point the house,it is common knowledge in Kuantan.

In the early nineties there was a tragedy in this house, where the whole family committed suicide here.

This family was actually a happy family; a father and mother and her young children. The couple were quite young with the male I think about thirty plus and the wife slightly younger. Unfortunately the man suddenly befriended a business woman who was very successful. Initially it was business talk as the man was said to have some problems. The more he got involved with this new friend the more he neglected his wife and children.

Kuantan was a small town news of their close encounter spread like wild fire around town. Somehow the wife came to know about their affair.

One day she plucked out the courage to call her husband to return home and the husband was trying ti delay the call. This made the wife very angry and issued him an ultimatum, that is return or prepare to face the consequences. He thought it was only a small threat and ignored the warning. He only returned the next morning. He had not expected to see what was installed for him.

As he opened his his house door he was shocked to see his wife hanging at the doorway of their bedroom. His two young children were also hanged alongside of his wife. All of them apparently dressed in red; a sign that she will seek revenge after her death.

Terrified and saddened by this pack suicide the husband went out to purchase extra cylinder of gas. It seem he put the valve of the cookers on without the flame with all windows shut. As if this was insufficient to kill himself, he hanged himself also.

With gas smell everywhere the neighbours suspected something amiss and they seeked help from the police. The police saw the gruesome scene and the whole family was cremated by relatives who came from afar. The house was put on sales but no takers for quite sometime, even at a reduced price.

After a long while an Indian put out a bold front brought it declaring that he was non believer in ghosts and that being a religious he had nothing to fear, let alone ghosts so he shifted into the place.

Then one night after midnight he heard people moving around the house. He put up a bold front to walk out and investigate. True enough there was no one but the errie feelings began to creep in. At first he felt the cold breeze blowing gently. it made him shivering with fright.

Dogs in the surrounding neighborhood also began to howl awkwardly. Those long and scary howls surely put fears into people who believe that the ghosts were out there.

Next night he peeped out to find apparitions of a woman and her children hanging at the door, all of them dressed in red. This really stunted, struck horror and made him stone death and apparently he nearly wet his pants.

Next day he did not returned to sleep in that house or ever again and tried to avoid the question that house was in deed haunted, for he wanted to sell that house too. But the neighbors were aware its sinister past for they too were troubled and horrified by the noises coming out from that house. They believe that the house was haunted.

It has been quite sometime since I have been to Kuantan I do not know what has become of the haunted house. Guess it is still unoccupied.

h/t: fabiencheah


2. “Dia dekat pintu”

I am a air steward and was checking out at a hotel in Johor Bahru one morning when another stewardess queued behind me. She was pale and uncharacteristically quiet. She related that she hadn’t slept all night. She was watching television when from the corner of her eye, she saw a vague white mist gliding from her bathroom into the closet.

Moments later, her closet began rattling. She was too scared to go outside as it meant having to pass the closet.

After that we checked into our Penang hotel, and a phone call interrupted my sleep.

It was the same colleague. She was screaming, ‘come to my room, come now!’ My legs were trembling as I hurried to her room. When she opened the door, she was distraught and crying. All she kept repeating was, ‘she is here’.

I didn’t dare to enter her room so I coaxed her out to the corridor. We ran to my room and I called our captain. He is a devout Muslim known for strictly adhering to his prayer times. He came immediately and started quietly reciting prayers. Then he looked up and calmly said: Dia dekat pintu (She/he is by the door).

I went, Oh my God! This is terrible; there was no way I was going to sleep in my room now. Our captain arranged for my colleague to be sent home as she was quite shaken. I stayed at another colleague’s room. That incident six years ago changed my travel pattern. Previously I slept in total darkness. Now, I must have two lights and the television on.

h/t: thestar


3. Beings in the house

Image source: flickr

My dad and mum were looking frantically for a home in Ipoh as our house in Penang was about to be sold in a few days time. I was studying in Kuala Lumpur at that time and I joined the search with them as my sister was in India for her studies.

After going around Ipoh Town for hours, finally our agent brought us to a house which was situated at Ipoh Garden South. The compound of the house looked small but when we entered the house, it was really big and spacious. Mum and Dad were extremely happy with the house and immediately offered to buy the house form the seller, a Chinese Merchant. The seller told mum and dad not to remove the mirrors placed in the rooms upstairs in the house as how he has placed them because of Fengshui.

After mom and dad shifted in, we did a house warming prayer but the lights suddenly went out! Mom lit some candles which I was supposed to pass to father upstairs. After doing that, I went back down but felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around thinking it was father but no one was there. I was so scared and ran down. Mum and dad were very brave individuals, they proceeded with the prayers. We never discussed the event after that day.

After two weeks, mum and dad met into an accident whereby the motorcycle dad was riding collided with another motorbike. Luckily both only sustained minor injuries. Mum had a hairline crack on her leg and the doctors told us that she needed ample rest.

A couple of weeks later I returned to Ipoh to check on mum’s progress and she told me she is fine. Then it was sometime later at night that she told me something which I was not able to digest… In my thoughts…

She told me that the first few days when she stayed at the new home, she encountered strange noises and saw little black creatures running around the house. Then she adds on this is quiet common because the house was hardly occupied for a few years as told by the neighbours. She told me that she hung a blessed lime in front of the house [it is a believe in the Indian religion that if the fruit turns rotten that there is something evil living in the house] and surprisingly mum told me that the fruit turned rotten. Mum then said she was not bothered with the little black creatures as we are more superior than them.

She then added father was sleeping upstairs alone one night when mum was downstairs and then suddenly he heard some rattling sound and woke up then he saw a white figure which took form of a beautiful Chinese lady against the wall and she told father, “Your daughter is going to get married. Stop her or else she will be crying all her life.” Then she disappeared. Dad was stunned and ran downstairs to mum and told her the story.

Then mum also told me that there was a figure of a child in the house too with long black hair moving around almost daily.

Mum and dad were too brave and stayed on in the house. Then the complaints on the house lessened and they were comfortably living in the house for 10 years.

On day, I got a call from Dad that mum fell and broke her leg. I rushed to Ipoh Hospital to visit mum. Mum told me she felt that someone or something pushed her down from the back. I was very upset. I went back home and felt eerie but dad said all is OK at home. Mum and dad loved the Ipoh House and does not want to leave the place!

My sister and myself were saddened when mum passed away a year later. On the 16th day from the day of her funeral, we had special prayers at home for mum. As soon as the priest started to chant the holy verses, we heard a loud bang of the door upstairs but no one was there. That night I dreamt mum was dragging away something evil from the house. When mum passed away, dad insisted to stay alone at home and never gave in to any of our persuasion to follow us back to Kuala Lumpur. A few days later dad fell when he climbed on a stool to repair his favourite ancient grandfather’s clock. Dad was unable to walk since that incident and his condition became similar to mum. My sister and I immediately transferred dad from the house although he was reluctant to leave and he now stays in Penang with my sister.

The Ipoh house is rented out now and so far there is no complain from the tenant.

We believe that mum has taken away the evil with her from the house and it is now free of the evil spirits, but we will never know what actually happened in the house until today…


4. It’s clinging to her

Image source: dailymail

I’m now undergoing my training (I’m a trainee counselor) in a particular government that deal with a lot of unfortunate individuals going through hard time in their life. This happened in my first week of training.

Madam Lisa (not her real name) was not my client but due to short staffed, I was assigned to do intake interview to see whether she is eligible for benefits. The moment she walked in to my room, I sensed something else is with her. I took a cursory glance at her and saw a dark shadow, looked like a toddler or baby was clinging to her right calf as she walked. It was unsettling for me, because my instinct told me that it wasn’t friendly at all. I struggled to concentrate in the interview.

As it turns out, Lisa was struggling financially with 4 children to feed, her husband was involved in road accident twice and Lisa was fired because she kept missing work. To make the whole thing more complicated, Lisa is pregnant with her fifth child.

As I was concluding the interview, Lisa told me that she was feeling tired all the time this 1 year, her children kept getting sick and she had a hard time sleeping due to nightmares. I couldn’t help but think the ‘thing’ that cling at her calf was responsible for the misfortunes. I really wanted to tell her what I saw but did not do so due to adherence to office policy.

I did not see Lisa again after that, but heard from colleagues that she fell from her bike and miscarried. I feel bad for her and I can’t shake off the image of that thing clinging to her calf. I still wonder what was it that I saw.


5. She slit her wrist

The many things we get to share or tell, or even listen, is either the eternity occupant in a haunted hotel room has either slit wrist in the tub, hung self in the middle of the room, drowned self with pills or to the best horror, flinging self off the balcony to his or her death. However, the one who stayed with us through the three days, two nights of our stay was a woman who had slit her wrist. We didn’t get to interrogate the staff about it, but the tingling sensation left behind told me other wise.

Why were we there in a group? We had a cosplay event held in one of biggest halls in Kuala Lumpur (Surprise! I’m from Malaysia) and to save traveling time and fuel, we booked a room and split the cost with a few other girls. As usual, we’d park our bags in a corner to avoid tripping over and face plant somewhere, we’d bring out unfinished props to work on overnight or watch some TV before we hit the bed. On my first night, I ushered everyone to bathe first because I wanted to soak in the tub. So while waiting for everyone else to use the bathroom, I watched some TV and devoured some snacks.

The last to bathe before me looked really confused or taken back when she came out. I suppose it happens when you stay out and could have misplaced something or anything when there is something wrong somewhere with the service or quality of the room. She didn’t say anything but called me that she was done bathing. I happily skipped in and had the toilet all to myself. After filling up the tub with warm water, the pleasurable soaking began as I listened to some mild music.

After a while of soaking, must have been pretty long because I sort of dozed off in the tub, that was when I awakened to a strange tingling feeling on my wrist. It felt as if something sharp pressed against my skin but it didn’t hurt- or just the feel of it. I opened my eyes, thinking I must have touched the tap with my foot or the shower head lying next to me but none of that was in sight or within reach. Strange to say, it felt like a feminine presence looking down on me as if why am I occupying the tub and? Feeling her cold glares, all I could do was say aloud, “Sorry if we bothered you, but we will be leaving as soon as our stay is over. I’m sorry if you feel that we intruded your living quarters, but blame the staff! We were given this room!”

To my relief, her presence faded from my senses and I got out of the tub as soon as I could, given my fingers looked like raisins. It felt strangely sad… And the tiny tingles remained. Just to make sure it wasn’t anything horrible, there were no red marks on my wrist. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything angry, I thought. Thinking back again, what did my friend went through before me?

After the stay and event was over, I got home with much relief, happy to be on my own comfy bed again. After a week, my friend (the one who bathed before me) came by for a visit. After much chats and all, she brought up the bathroom incident, asking if I’ve experienced anything in it. I didn’t say anything at first until she took in a deep breath and said this, “Could anyone have pushed my back in an enclosed shower cubicle?”

Oooh boy.


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