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4 Best Workouts For Fast 6-Pack Abs



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So you’ve decided that you want a rock solid 6 pack abs? Well then, you’ve already succeeded the first step. Having a 6 pack abs is one of the most attractive physique the opposite sex may find. To girls, having 6 pack abs portrays sheer power, sexiness and strength in a man. It is one of the sexiest things a girl may find which highly triggers their sexual desire; making it the most desirable physique for guys anywhere in the world.

However, when it comes to working out your 6-packs, many would be clueless on where to start. Many would be doing the wrong exercises which brings little to no results.

If you’re looking to gain those 6 pack abs fast, then here are four highly effective workouts which will bear you solid results in no time. As illustration, the chart below will show you the main abdominal muscles which will perhaps give you a clearer picture on where you would like to focus on first; though we would suggest building the Rectus Abdominis as that is the visible “6-packs” muscle.


1. Cable Crunches

cable crunches

*Photo credits to Bodybuilding.com

This workout is for you to develop the upper and lower part of your abdominal muscles, known as the Rectus Abdominis. The most obvious part of the muscle (Highly recommended).

How: This should be an easy one to set up. Almost every gym out there will have the pulley machine. First set the level of the pulley to the highest position. Attach a rope in the clips and pull the ropes down, one on each hand. Your starting position would be to kneel down with the ropes in between your neck, and incline your back to about 45 degree angle as shown in the first picture above. The next step is to bend downwards along with your abdomen, as if you want to touch your head on the floor. Remember the important point here is to curl, not just go down. You head should move towards your knees as you go lower to feel the crunch in your abdominal muscles. Once you’re down at the final movement, tighten up your abs by squeezing them together for about 3-5 seconds. Release your muscles and slowly go back to your initial position. Repeat for about -10 reps for 3-4 sets. In short, curl, squeeze and going slow is the key. You will definitely feel more burn that way which also means faster result.


2. Hanging Knee Raise

hanging knee raise

*Photo credits to Bodybuilding.com

This workout is to build up your lower Rectus Abdominis.

How: This workout requires you to use the chin up machine which is also a common machine in every gym. If possible, lock your arms in the chin up bar arm harnesses. This is so you do not have rely on your arms strength for this workout. However not all machines have that function. If its not there, just hold the grip of the machine and hang down while keeping your foot together. That will be your initial position. After that, raise your knees towards your body while still keeping your legs glued. Raise your knee towards your chest and go as high as you possibly can. Once your knees are up there, tighten your abdominal muscles for about 3-5 seconds, then slowly straighten your legs again as you go back to your initial position. In short, raise your leg as far up, squeeze your abdominal muscle and slowly return to your starting position. Repeat for about 10-15 reps, 3-4 sets; but more is always better.


3. Seated Leg Tucks (V-Ins)

seated leg tucks

*Photo credits to Bodybuilding.com

This workout is to build up your upper and lower Rectus Abdominis.

How: Sit on any straight bench and position yourself so that you are in the middle. Face yourself in a perpendicular position, as if to form a cross when you extend your legs. Your initial position would be as shown in the first photo. To do so, lean your body to about 45 degree (make sure the chair isn’t the mobile ones or is heavy enough to support your weight), raise your knees and bend it to about the level of your neck. After that, release your knees and form a straight line with your legs while your upper body leans further towards the back. Return to your initial position by curling your body and raising your knees to form a V shape (hence the name of this workout). Squeeze your abdominal muscles every time you are in this position for about 3-5 seconds.


4. V-Sits


*Photo credits to Bodybuilding.com

This workout is to build up your upper and lower Rectus Abdominis.

How: Pretty straightforward. Lie down straight as a starting position. Then cross your feet together and raise it up to about 45 degree. At the same time curl your abdominal muscles and push your upper body up, your head reaching towards your knee. Hold that position while squeezing your abs muscles for about 3-5 seconds and slowly return to your starting position. If you do not wish to struggle with the manual method, you can also use the common abs machine with similar movements.


Now that’s the top 4 abs workout that are sure to define and develop your 6 pack abs. Now that you already know the best workouts for your 6 pack abs, it’s time to get out there and bust your sweat for that killer abs. It’s may not seem as easy as it sounds, but it’s not as difficult to get them either.

Remember, consistency and discipline is the key. Good luck!

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