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13yo Couple Jump Into River To Prove Undying Love to Strict Mum, Almost Drown Due to Lizard



13yo Couple Jump Into River After Mum Forbids them to be Together But Lizard Makes Them Almost Drown - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Telegraph & ThingLink

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Back in the day when we were young and naive, falling in love was exciting and full of heightened emotions that made us feel like we were on top of the world. We would swear our love to our partners and promised each other that nothing could come in our way.

This was probably what a 13-year-old boy and girl from Thailand who had been together for eight months told each other. But when the girl’s mother forbade them from being a couple, they decided to jump into a river together to prove their “undying love” for one another.

According to China Press, the boy and girl decided to jump into a river on Sunday (18th August) after the girl’s mother stopped them from contacting each other.

For illustration purpose | Source: Cheat Sheet

To prove their unwavering love for each other, they held hands and jumped into a river. It wasn’t specified if they were attempting suicide, but after they had jumped in, they saw a very large lizard swimming in the river.

The girl got frightened of the reptile and immediately let go of the boy’s hand and tried to escape. But because she didn’t know how to swim, she began sinking into the water.

Source: ThingLink

The boy was struggling to keep afloat too and began sinking while being tossed around by the currents. With no way to breathe, he struggled to swim to shore. At this point, passers-by saw them and immediately jumped into the river to rescue them.

The girl, who was reported to have almost drowned to death, was immediately given medical attention and is said to be in critical condition.

Source: China Press

Source: China Press

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother said that she knew her son was in a relationship with a girl. She had told them that they should not be in a relationship and that they should focus hard on their studies instead.

She said she didn’t know that her son would actually do what he did and apologised to the girl and her parents for her son’s behaviour.

Why would they risk their lives just to “prove their love” for each other to their parents?


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