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11 REAL Reasons Malaysians Find it Almost Impossible to Diet



8 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Almost Impossible To Diet - World Of Buzz

Dieting is not just about losing the extra pounds and looking better, it’s also about leading a healthier lifestyle and staying on top of our health. But many of us throw in the towel just days into dieting. I kenot do it! I givap!

Why? Because dieting is hard! Most Malaysians who are foodies simply can’t stand the torture of not eating delicious food.

So here’s the 12 reasons why Malaysians find it super hard to diet. See how many of it you will vigorously nod your head to!


1.  We live in Malaysia, the land of the most amazing food

Needless to say, Malaysian food are just so tempting and delicious! Nasi lemak, rendang, char kuey teow? We will lose our self control and end up ‘sapu-ing’ everything on the table!

Giphy 5

How to diet lah you tell me.


2. Our national food is literally called FAT RICE!

Nasi lemak a.k.a. fat rice when literally translated. Need we say more???

8 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz 1


3. Our meals consist mainly of rice and noodles

There’s no way we Asians can make it through a day without our rice and noodles! Even if you tried, tough luck finding a place that sells their meals without rice nor noodles!

7 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz 4


4. Let’s face it, 90% of our food are fried

8 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz

Delicious food comes with a price and Malaysian food is no exception. From rice to the dishes to the snacks, we aren’t the most health conscious people when it comes to food. As long as it tastes good right!


5. Because… Asian parents

Have you tried declining food from Asian parents? They’d make sure you stuff yourself and will not take ‘No’ as an answer.

8 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz 7

Even if you tried, they’d pull out the ultimate reasoning: “People in Africa no food to eat, so you better don’t waste food and finish all these.”


6. We seem to always ‘convince’ ourselves that we deserve that delicious food

 “Okay, since I had a ‘small rice’ for lunch, so I’m entitled for a feast now. And then some desserts later.”

Giphy 9 1

That is why strict and rigid diet won’t ever work on Malaysians like us, because we can justify our cravings every single time!



7. Malaysian friends always tempting you to go back to the ‘dark side’

If you’ve tried dieting, you know how most friends be like…

Giphy 2

They’d continuously ask “You sure you don’t want?” and shove their delicious meals in your face. AND they won’t stop until you give in.

The moment you say ‘I’ll just take a bite!’, IT’S OVER. Coz you’ll be like…

Giphy 8


8. Every time the minister announces a petrol price hike

Can’t blame us for stress eating ok! And looking at how frequent the price increased, we can say bye bye to our diet.

7 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz 3


9. Healthy food is EXPENSIVE!

If you went to any restaurant, you’d see that salad equals to the price of a pasta, AND YOUR MALAYSIAN TUMMY WON’T EVEN BE FULL AFTER THAT.

We then find ourselves going back to the cheaper options: I guess we’ll just stick to economic rice then…

8 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz 3


10. One word: Mamak

8 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz 4

That’s the Malaysian go-to place to chill with friends. The best part? It’s cheap too! However, mamak food aren’t exactly the healthiest food. Dah lah the aneh always don’t ‘kurang manis’.

And just look at the amount of oil splashed on the roti throughout the flipping process! But we still love it, don’t we?

7 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz 1


11. We rather sleep in bed longer than to wake up early to prep our own food

7 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz 2

So most of us simply grab a sandwich/nasi lemak bungkus and a can of coffee at the nearest convenience store on our way to work. But who says it can’t be healthy? It’s all about the choices we make!

Malaysians are not the healthiest bunch when it comes to food and lifestyle, that’s why lah we are ranked the MOST overweight nation in SEA! Wah, so fat ah!

8 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Hard To Diet - World Of Buzz 5

We understand that it isn’t easy to immediately move on to a healthy lifestyle but we can always start small, by first making smart decisions such as choosing healthier food options. For example, instead of downing a can of sugar-filled coffee, try grabbing a bottle of fresh orange juice instead. Don’t be part of the overweight statistics anymore lah!

One of the options you should keep your eyes peeled for is Tropicana (no pun intended). They have the Tropicana 100% drink which contains nothing but fresh orange juice! No sugar nor preservatives, just pure goodness from oranges!

[Test] 12 Reasons Why Malaysians Find It Almost Impossible To Diet - World Of Buzz 2

In fact, 16 quality oranges from Florida are squeezed into every carton of Tropicana 100% orange juice!

This means that you’ll receive a boost of vitamin C with every sip you take! Plus, you don’t need to wake up earlier to clean the juicer! More sleep time, anyone?

Tropicana is advocating for a healthier lifestyle so get ready with Tropicana and make small changes like cutting off those fried fatty food (even though we know how hard it is! T_T).

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