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11 Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders NEVER Let Us Forget


12 Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders Never Let Us Forget - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Chinese New Year 2018

It’s out with the Christmas trees and in with the ang pows and firecrackers! As the Christmas hype dies down, Malaysians everywhere are preparing to usher in the new Lunar Year of the Dog; and ultimately brace ourselves for that million-dollar question all relatives WILL ask:

[Test] 11 Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders Never Let Us Forget - World Of Buzz

Besides that, ever since we were young, we’ve always been told to keep in mind certain taboos and superstitions.

Well, in preparation for the New Year, here are some of the Chinese New Year superstitions our elders would never let us forget to this day:


1. The higher you ‘lou’, the more luck and prosperity you will receive

Chinese New Year just isn’t complete without the customary ‘yee sang’. It’s a traditional dish that symbolises good luck, prosperity, health and all things auspicious. It is believed that the higher you toss or ‘lou‘ the yee sang, the more prosperity will come your way.


2. No washing your hair on New Year’s Day

12 Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders Never Let Us Forget - World Of Buzz 6

Source: shutterstock

You should also avoid doing laundry on the day too as it is believed that you will wash all your luck down the drain.


3. Speaking of hair, avoid getting a haircut on New Year’s Day too

X Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders Never Let Us Forget - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Metro

Although it’s encouraged to look your best on New Year’s day, cutting your hair on the day itself is believed to be cutting your life short. So, schedule your makeovers a few days before!


3A. Avoid the number ‘4’ at all costs

In Chinese culture, the number ‘4’ is believed to be inauspicious as the word for ‘Four’, which is ‘Si’ in Chinese, also means death. Some even go to the extent of not saying the word!


5. You must go shopping for new clothes and buy red or bright colours!

X Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders Never Let Us Forget - World Of Buzz 2

Source: ibtimes

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Wearing new clothes symbolises a fresh new start to the year. It’s also an excuse to shop for new clothes right? 😛

Note: White and dark-coloured clothes are a BIG no-no as they are usually worn during funerals.


6. Don’t sweep the floor on New Year’s day

12 Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders Never Let Us Forget - World Of Buzz 4

Source: youtube

Because apparently if you sweep the floor on New Year’s day, you will be sweeping out your luck and prosperity too! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


7. The amount of money given in an angpao should be an even number

X Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders Never Let Us Forget - World Of Buzz 9

Source: eva. Vn

According to Chinese numerology, even numbers – besides numbers that contain ‘4’ in them – are said to be auspicious. Avoid giving amounts that have numbers like 3, 5 and 7 in them. If you’re really unsure how much to put in your angpao, any amount with the number 8 is always a safe bet. Fatt mah!


8. Avoid giving inappropriate gifts that are considered inauspicious

Although it may be customary to bring gifts when you go visiting, there are certain gifts that you should avoid as they might bring about bad luck instead!


9. Settle all your debts before the New Year

12 Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders Never Let Us Forget - World Of Buzz 5

Source: istock

If you owe anyone money, be sure to pay off all your debts by New Year’s Eve. It is said that if you pay or collect any debts on New Year’s day, wealth cannot be accumulated and you will be in debt all year long. It all makes sense now.


10. Exchanging mandarin oranges with friends and family

Oranges are seen as a symbol of prosperity and good luck in Chinese culture and are often exchanged in pairs. Because two is better than one mah!

After all, the Cantonese word for “orange” is “Kam”, which can also mean “gold”. So, you’re basically presenting friends and family with gold!


11. The house must be clean and rid of clutter!

12 Chinese New Year Superstitions Our Elders Never Let Us Forget - World Of Buzz 3

Source: youtube

To all you hoarders out there with store rooms and cupboards full of unused items, it’s time to make space for new “ong”! Nobody likes a messy and crammed space anyway. Besides, cleaning your house symbolises getting rid of bad luck in preparation for the new year. You’ll need your house to be clean to entertain relatives too, right?

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