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“You misunderstood me” Neelofa Responds To Backlash For Posting Burger Photo After Getting Fined



Source: Astro Awani & Faisal Burger | Facebook & @neelofa | Instagram

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Neelofa has become a hot topic among Malaysian netizens once again after news broke out that she and her family were fined a total of RM60,000 for violating standard operating procedures (SOP) during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

In response to the news, the celebrity entrepreneur wrote in a Facebook post that she had been informed of the compounds imposed on her and her husband.

“I accept with an open heart and use this compound as a lesson to use interstate travel permits for purposes agreed upon by the authorities, as well as a reminder for me and all involved at my wedding to always emphasise the importance of SOPs,” she said.

“Thanks to all parties who cooperated well in managing my case. I would like to apologise again if this case presents a bit of a problem to the smooth running of your daily work.”

However, many brought attention to the unfair treatment given to a burger vendor in Kelantan, who was compounded RM50,000 while he was finishing a customer’s order at the stall right in front of his house around 11pm.

“We really need to find a way to issue compounds that are proportional to income. What is 10K to a millionaire, what is 50K to a burger seller?” one netizen said.


Posted a photo of a burger

Just a few hours after getting fined, Neelofa posted a photo of a burger on her Instagram stories, with very little context as to why she posted it. “Moreh burger tonight,” Neelofa wrote briefly, accompanied by two ‘laughing’ emojis.

Although the post wasn’t explicitly directed to anyone, in particular, netizens saw an issue with the posting as many saw a connection between the photo of the burger and the controversy regarding Neelofa’s RM60,000 fine and the burger vendor’s RM50,000 fine.

The post is believed to have caused dissatisfaction among netizens who claimed that Neelofa ‘insulted’ the burger vendor, according to Astro Awani.

To propel the allegations even further, netizens discovered that the photo of the burger was retrieved from Google images. True enough, entering the words “Ramly burger” on the Google images search engine will result in the exact photo that Neelofa posted on her Instagram stories.


“It was just a misunderstanding”

Neelofa has since deleted the photo from her account and posted a statement regarding the issue.

“Ya Allah, many of you have misunderstood me and have assumed wrongly,” she said.

“Before I posted the photo, my lawyer contacted the burger vendor and we have also contacted the police to ask details about the compound because I want to help settle the payment, God willing.”

Neelofa also posted a screenshot of a conversation between her and her management.

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