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Woman Shares How She Was Molested While Wearing Hijab to Argue Against Victim Blaming


Woman Shares How She Was Molested While Wearing Hijab To Argue Against Victim Blaming - World Of Buzz
Source: Washington Post / Twitter

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Malaysians do not seem to understand the fact that the clothes you wear NEVER justify rape. Yet a woman is adamant that wearing the hijab can protect women from danger and objectification be men.

Rape 2

Source: twitter

First, she compares going free-hair with “global warming” as the effects can only be seen in the long run, then she tweets,

“Firstly, by not putting on a hijab, any possible bad things can happen in your life.”

“You expose yourself to more danger, you are not at peace and subject yourself to more objectification by the opposite species.”


That’s when tonnes of women replied to her tweet, sharing their own experiences of sexual harassment and rape regardless of whether or not they wore the hijab.

Rape 1

Source: twitter

“I was molested while wearing my school attire with a hijab on. Your points are invalid.”

“I was molested when I was five years old. Your points are invalid.”

“I was molested when I was at home. Your points are invalid.”

While she isn’t arguing that women shouldn’t wear the hijab, she points out the idea that what you wear incites rape is pure rubbish.

Rape 3

Source: twitter

“I was molested in public while in my scout’s uniform. I was 14.”

“The perp stopped only when I showed my scout knife. I’m not saying we should all carry weapons but it pays to be vigilant of our surroundings.”

Another recounted her story of becoming a rape victim at 6!

Rape 4 1

Source: twitter

“I understand how it feels. I was raped when I was 6 by my own neighbour.”

“I didn’t know I was being raped because I was only a kid at the time. I didn’t tell my parents and it continued until I was 9.”

If men need children to wear hijabs so they can control their sexual urges, then we need a serious discussion here.

The number of netizens who stood up and supported the tweet is truly something that we need to see more often.

What were you wearing?

And to further prove this theory, an exhibition in Belgium called, “What were you wearing?” replicated clothing items similar to those worn by real victims of sexual assaults.

What were their findings? Provocative clothes inciting rape is pure myth.

The clothing line featured items such as pyjamas, tracksuits and even a My Little Pony shirt – The Independent writes that the clothes were as innocent as the victims.

REMEMBER! Sexual assault is about power, not “sexual urges”. Victim blaming only puts the blame on the victims, not the aggressors.

Also read: “Females Are Also at Fault if Men Watch Porn or Rape,” Says Founder of Local Lingerie Brand

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