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Woman Claims PDRM Officer Sexually Harassed Her at KL Roadblock, Investigations Ongoing



Source: Facebook

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Following a Twitter statement claiming that a policeman sexually harassed a female driver during a roadblock along Jalan Duta, the Royal Malaysia Police Force has since started a probe on the incident.

Details of the incident have made its way on social media as the alleged victim relived her horrible ordeal for the public to see.

“I was sexually harassed by a policeman during a roadblock. It is the police’s duty to serve and protect, yet, I was sexually harassed and was forced to give up my phone number or risk being penalised.”

During the incident, the driver was not wearing her bra. Despite being at fault for not having her license with her, the police officer on duty allegedly fixated on the former and said several words that were deemed inappropriate in nature.

“I wasn’t wearing a bra, and somehow the police officer noticed it. He questioned why I didn’t wear a bra.”

“Another officer went to the tent to check my details, and later came to the window and asked why I wasn’t wearing a bra.”

“He said if you flash me, I will not issue a summon.”

The ordeal did not end there.

“He insisted on exchanging contact details despite my insistence that I was uncomfortable with it.”

“He gave me his phone number and asked me to give him a missed call right in front of him.”

Taking matters into her own hands, she attempted to call the police hotline to report the officer’s remarks but to no avail.

The Brickfields District Chief of Police ACP Anuar Bin Hj Omar has released a statement that PDRM is currently investigating the matter.

“According to the complaint, the incident took place at 7.30pm at the roadblock (SJR) in Jalan Duta.”

“We assure members of the public that an investigation is underway to not make further speculations on the matter.”

Let’s hope that the police force takes this matter seriously and ensures that such an officer’s action does not tarnish the respect we have for our boys in blue.


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Source: Twitter
Source: Facebook

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