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WOB Reviews: Is Corvan’s 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum & Mop OVERRATED? Or A Godsend for Busy M’sians?


Corvank18 Header 5
Source: WOB

Unless you’re still living in the stone age (just kidding!), it’s a universal truth that Malaysians always vacuum then mop to keep our living quarters spotless and comfortable. Who doesn’t love resting in a freshly-cleaned house or room, kan?

Corgi Dogs

Even though vacuuming is such an integral part of our lives, it’s easy to overlook the differences between vacuum cleaners!

In fact, after trying out Corvan’s 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum & Mop K18, our writer freed his mind – like Neo in The Matrix – & began looking at vacuum cleaners differently.

We definitely weren’t expecting a vacuum cleaner like the K18! 

Corvank18 Vogue

“Hah, so dramatic? You sure or not?!” Well, now our writer is going to break it down for you guys why Corvan’s 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum & Mop K18 is such a game-changing vacuum cleaner for him (and maybe for you too)!


1. First impressions matter, and so far the K18 is looking great!

Corvank18 Auto Charging Stand Rotated
Even storing and charging the Corvan K18 is so easy and looks tidy too, thanks to its auto charging stand.

First things first, our first impression of the Corvan K18 is that it looks so futuristic and sleek! The blue accents of the Ultra Cyclone – which juts out like a spaceship exhaust – and extension rod contrasts well with the mostly-grey vacuum cleaner, with some playful red thrown in around the triggers and switches.

It even comes with a cool digital touch screen panel, allowing you to change suction levels without pushing any buttons, and even notifying you when the brush or vacuum inlet is stuck! Haiyah, who left their socks on the floor?

Corvank18 Digital Control Panel
Don’t worry, it doesn’t need a fingerprint to work. 🤣

The K18’s design isn’t just for looks either – it’s actually made to be ergonomic, so you can manoeuvre it with ease. 

Here’s everything that comes with the Corvan K18:

  • LED-lit motorised anti-tangle floor brush
  • Extension rod
  • LED-lit motorised mop head
  • 2-in-1 dusting tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Bed vacuuming tool
  • Auto charging stand
  • Power adaptor
  • User Manual


2. 50% OFF your cleaning time with the 2-in-1 mop + vacuum function!

Corvank18 Mop Closeup
The mop pads are removable and SO easy to clean!

Our biggest highlight using Corvan’s K18 model was its ability to mop AND vacuum at the SAME TIME.

Thanks to the motorised mop, not only can you do some serious mopping (courtesy of its motorised dual microfibre pads) while sucking up debris efficiently, but there’s even an auto water release function for that right 👌 level of wetness 💦 to mop the way our mothers taught us.

Corvank18 Vogue Mop 2
Mopping and vacuuming at the same time! Whee~

While we initially had stains from mopping over the dust, we quickly found out the solution was to simply turn up the suction strength, then bye-bye, dust stains. And the mop pads actually do clean every stain on the floor, no joke!

Vacuum THEN mop separately is now a thing of the past!


3. Super lightweight to ease your burden of vacuuming

Corvank18 Floor Brush Stairs
Detach the extension rod to make it lighter and handier to use!

While cordless vacuum cleaners are notorious for their heavyweight, bid adieu to wrist pains with the lightweight Corvan K18 model, weighing at a mere 1.5kg! Its almost light-as-a-feather weightage not only puts less strain on your wrists but also lets you easily raise the vacuum cleaner to clean tough-to-reach spots, crevices and ceilings.

Corvank18 Bed 2
There’s even a bed vacuuming tool to help remove dirt from your, well, bed!

The trick in utilising the K18’s lightweight-ness while vacuuming is to let the motorised floor brush help you glide it freely over the floor you barely need to use any strength to vacuum.

Corvank18 Floor Brush Closeup
The K18’s motorised floor brush is your best friend for the ultimate suction strength, and great for picking up long hair and pet fur!

Pair these with the K18’s Ultra Strong Suction (201 AirWatts is by far the strongest for its weight in today’s technology!), and you’ll have arguably the best vacuum cleaning experience so far!

Our advice? Just stand up straight (no hunching over to move the K18!), relax and enjoy the ride.


4. Unparalleled efficiency with 15x less maintenance & six-stage HEPA filtration

Corvank18 Floor Brush Fur 3 Rotated

Don’t you hate it when you have to clean the filter so often to maintain optimal suction, that it makes you want to give up entirely on vacuuming? No such thing with the K18, to our surprise!

Courtesy of its Ultra-Cyclone technology, expect 15x extra effectiveness in preventing fine dust from clogging up the filter, thereby maintaining fade-free suction 20x longer than those that use a normal cyclone design. This also means spending 93% less time on cleaning your filters and the sizable 800ml dirt bin!

Our favourite part? They can all be washed and reused, saving you replacement costs and the environment!

Corvank18 Battery
Simply remove or insert the battery in a single swift movement!

But, what if you have dust allergies? Or you notice there’s actually more fine dust on your furniture after vacuuming? Well, the Corvan K18 has those covered too!

The K18 comes with a six-stage filtration system, comprising a HEPA filter (which can be found in air purifiers!) to trap 99.97% of microscopic particles, including fine dust, making it suitable for those with allergies. No wonder our writer still breathes so easily when cleaning with the Corvan K18. 😂

So, don’t be surprised to find your furniture remaining dust-free for a much longer period after using the K18, yeah? 😜

Corvank18 Anti Tangle Brush 1

Oh, wait, we almost forgot to mention our other favourite part – you can swiftly dispose of everything from the dirt bin with just ONE pull. Simply pull the lever, and voila, out with everything! So simple, yet such a good life improvement feature that we can’t EVEN!


Huh, these are some pretty good points! 

Corvank18 Anti Tangle Brush 2
The dusting tool is great for reaching crevices too!

That’s exactly what our writer thought after using the Corvan 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum & Mop K18! Even though we’ve highlighted its biggest strengths, there are still so MANY awesome features we didn’t mention that are still important to how great this vacuum cleaner is.

But we’ll list down just a few more to show you why we enjoyed using the Corvan K18: 😆

  • Long as heck warranty: FIVE years for vacuum turbine + ONE year for body and battery.
  • Incredibly long runtime: Up to 50 minutes, plus the option to get an additional battery to last up to 100 minutes, to clean till you drop!
  • Auto charging stand: Save space by charging & storing your K18 tidily.
  • Hi-power LED headlight for mop & floor brush: Convenient for vacuuming in dark places.

Corvank18 Mop Light Rotated
Handy to spot pesky specks of dust!

The Corvan K18 really is jam-packed with so many great features that it’s hard not to love it!

Can you believe that the Corvan K18 vacuum & mop only costs RM1,298?

Based on how excellent its features are, how it works like a premium vacuum cleaner and its generous warranty, we think it’s an investment that’s genuinely worth every Ringgit! Not to mention that it’s cheaper than certain brands. 😝

Sold on the Corvan 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum & Mop K18 and wondering how you can get it? Place your order for the best vacuum cleaner you could possibly have on Corvan’s official online store, Shopee, Lazada, Motherhood.com.my, or Pgmall.

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