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WOB Reviews: Airbot Hypersonics Max Cleans Superbly Well, But Is It Really A SMART Cordless Vacuum Mop Cleaner?


Airbotmax Header 3
Source: WOB

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From smartphones and smart TV to smart speakers and light bulbs, it’s only a matter of time before there are smart desks and smart chairs – then again, they probably already exist. 😂 Though most of them are unnecessary, there are plenty that actually make our lives SO much easier!

One such smart device, is Airbot’s latest cordless vacuum cleaner, a smart vacuum cleaner pioneer that is a must-have in every Malaysian household!

Airbotmax Pose 2 2

The Airbot Hypersonics Max utilises a smart 2-in-1 integrated vacuum & mop system, equipped with a digital water tank, smart LED screen & more to become the ultimate cordless vacuum cleaner!

Here are four reasons why the Airbot Hypersonics Max is a hidden gem in the vacuum cleaner sphere:


1. Practical yet minimalist design that stays forever young

Store your Airbot Hypersonics Max tidily with its on-the-wall storage stand!

The Airbot Hypersonics Max may have an unassuming appearance, but we feel that the grey exterior actually makes it harder to show damages, in case you scratch it (we admit we’re pretty clumsy). Plus, the Airbot even blends into the background when stored in the corner of a room, so it’s perfect for minimalists who want a “quieter”-looking room. The golden rod and blue floor brush do give it a nice pop of colour though, so it’s not dull-looking!

Airbotmax Stand Attachments
You can even keep your attachments handy on the storage stand!

Airbotmax Led Display

However, our favourite design has to be the smart LED display, which is more than just for show. Apart from indicating battery life and speed mode in real-time, it also notifies you when it’s time to change/clean the floor brush, dust cup and dust sensor. No more guessing games like our latest Bumble match!

“Wait, dust sensor? What does that do?” Well, my friend, this invention is partly why the Airbot Hypersonics Max is so innovative!


2. Truly smart vacuuming with up to 60% power efficiency!

Airbotmax Light Gif
Walaowei! It actually DOES auto boost when got heavy dust.

The light ring on the LED display actually works in tandem with the Hypersonics Max’s built-in processor chip at the motor, acting as a real-time dust sensor with Auto mode. This little invention uses infrared to detect the thickness of dust and adjusts suction speed for more efficient vacuuming – the heavier the dust particles = the redder the light ring, and the stronger the suction! It’s nice to know WHEN the suction is being boosted.

Switch to Boost mode if you’re in for some heavy-duty dust vacuuming, for up to 20 minutes!

Plus, using Eco mode ensures deep cleaning without sacrificing battery life, letting you vacuum your entire house in up to 45 minutes! That’s probably the longest duration for any smart vacuum cleaner ever! 


3. Don’t mop hard – mop SMART!

Airbotmax Mop Close Up

Furthermore, the Airbot Hypersonics Max is equipped with an electronic water tank that dispenses water precisely and evenly when mopping to save water and prevent the floor and mop brush from becoming too wet.

Even though it was a little hard for us to tell how much water was being supplied (we don’t know when we’re mopping sometimes 😂), it helps to know that the Airbot Hypersonics Max is equipped with a high-quality dual roller spinning mop that lets you vacuum AND mop at the same time. The friction microfibre mopping roller even removes stubborn stains and polishes marble/wood flooring!

Airbotmax Mop Brush
These spinning mop brushes make it SO easy to remove stains. No need to bend down and wipe!

Airbotmax Mop Stain B 1
Legit can clean stains quite easily ah!

On top of that, you can mop with your favourite scent by filling the water tank with your usual detergent and dispensing your solution evenly to ensure just 👌 the right amount of cleaning solution.


4. 101 ways for the easiest, deepest cleaning yet!

Airbotmax Flat Lay Boo
(Clockwise from top left) Floor brush head, motorised mite brush, crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 soft brush, soft roller brush and hard roller brush.

Aside from having next-level suction performance with its brushless DC motor and an impeccable mopping feature, it comes with FIVE other attachments for every type of vacuuming cleaning imaginable! There’s little that the Airbot Hypersonics Max can’t clean!

  • Floor brush head with soft roller brush: Scrub the floor clean & capture micro dust with a combination of 0.05mm soft and hard nylon bristles!
    • Airbotmax Floor Brush Rotated
      Floor brush head with soft roller brush: Spot dirt/dust in dark spaces with the LED light!
  • Hard roller brush: Swap your floor brush head with this to easily suck bigger, harder particles (i.e. crumbs, sand).
    • Airbotmax Floor Brush 360
      Floor brush head with hard roller brush: Can swivel almost 360 degrees to reach every visible crevice!
  • Crevice nozzle: Effortlessly clean hard-to-reach spots, like car seat corners, ventilating slits, cupboard edges, and more.

    • Crevice nozzle: Remove the wind rod for easier portability.
  • 2-in-1 soft brush: Reach into every nook and cranny of your sofa, furniture, keyboard and curtains with this handy brush; or convert it into a crevice nozzle without swapping!
    • Airbotmax 2In1 Soft Brush Keyboard 2
      2-in-1 soft brush: The modern – and better! – duster.
    • Airbotmax 2In1 Soft Brush
      Retract to convert into a crevice nozzle.
  • Motorised mite brush: Penetrate your beds and sofa to locate and remove dust mites with up to 99.9% success rate, no matter how deep they are – our personal favourite!
    • Airbotmax Mite Brush
      The motorised mite brush actually spins to effectively remove dust mites, dust, and even fur!
    • Airbotmax Sofa Dust
      Can spot which part we vacuumed so nicely? 🤪

To top it all off, you can detach the golden wind tube for much handier vacuum cleaning! We found that this portable mode is perfect for the crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 soft brush and motorised mite brush, though it’s also useful to vacuum the stairs this way with the floor brush head.


5. You deserve more rest after working so hard to clean~

Airbotmax Dust Cup
It’s SO effortless to remove the filter, barely an inconvenience to clean the dust cup.

Say “no” to dust leftovers or frequent maintenance! The Airbot Hypersonics Max takes care of YOU post-vacuuming, with a few quality-of-life improvements that we absolutely love. Who wants to clean more after house cleaning kan?

  • Medical grade HEPA filtration system: Remove up to 99.97% invisible particles, leaving behind clean air and no “surprise dust” on your furniture after vacuuming.
  • 0.8L dust cup: Reduce your frequency of emptying and cleaning out the dust cup, thanks to its large capacity.
  • State-of-the-art 5 multi-stage cyclone: Instantly compresses and separates dust, fur and hair from airflow, letting you easily clean your dust cup.
  • Washable parts: Simply rinse and/or soak the cyclone, HEPA, roller brush, mopping brush and other attachments, and they’re good as new!

Airbotmax Floor Brush Dark
Really wei, can vacuum every corner of the house without breaking a sweat!

When we went back to using our old vacuum cleaner, we forgot how frequent and tedious it is to maintain it! Fortunately, the Airbot Hypersonics Max puts this tedium to rest – another reason why we love it so much!


“House cleaning can be THIS easy??? Okay lah, I want to try!”

Airbotmax Mop 1 Rotated

After trying it out, we’re totally floored by how the Airbot Hypersonics Max makes house cleaning a much easier chore! And if you’re like us, who’s planning to buy this awesome cordless vacuum mop cleaner, then we’ve got a little insider info you should know about:

From 1 – 30 September, you can enjoy FREE delivery + a FREE waffle maker worth RM459* when you order the Airbot Hypersonics Max on Shopee!

*While stocks last.

We don’t know about you, but having freshly-cooked waffles right after a day of spring cleaning sounds like the perfect ending! 😋

Ready to be a pioneer in vacuum cleaning? Join a cleaner revolution today by heading over to Airbot’s Shopee page and check the Airbot Hypersonics Max out of your cart before 30 September to enjoy this deal!


Source: WOB
Source: WOB
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