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Wife Abuses M’sian Husband’s Old Mother Then Lies to Him So He Kicked His Mum Out


Wife Abuses Husband'S Old Mother Then Lies To Him So He Kicked His Mum Out - World Of Buzz 3
Source: Facebook

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This is a really terrible way to treat your own mother, who really only wants the best for you! Recently, an over six-minute long video circulated on social media, showing a middle-aged woman crying her heart out in a car after she had been chased out of the house by her very own son.

Wife Abuses Husband's Old Mother Then Lies To Him So He Kicked His Mum Out - World Of Buzz

Source: facebook

The video is believed to have taken place in Malaysia and shows the heartbroken woman telling her woes to someone who is recording her. It all started when she had a dispute with her Indonesian daughter-in-law as she had told her to throw away some dirty diapers. The crying woman said that the diapers were unhygienic and would cause health problems to her grandson if they were not disposed of properly.

According to the older lady, she said her daughter-in-law got angry at this and shouted at her, saying, “The rubbish you make is smellier!” The daughter-in-law continued screaming at her and started beating her mother-in-law, even kicking her in the chest and pulling off her clothes. 

Wife Abuses Husband's Old Mother Then Lies To Him So He Kicked His Mum Out - World Of Buzz 1

Source: facebook

At that time, no one else was home, but when her son came back, the old lady tried to tell him about his wife’s antics but it looks like she got there first. The daughter-in-law told her husband that his mother always treated her badly and this time, she lied and said she was the one who got beaten up by his mother instead. 

He chose to believe his wife instead of his mother and got furious at the old lady. He scolded her and got so angry that he even chased his mother out of the house. In the video, she said that she couldn’t believe her very own son would side with his wife and banish her from his house.

She also said that when she was sick, her son did not care about her and she had to cook her own porridge. She added that she only ate the plain porridge with soya sauce in her bedroom all alone. The sad woman said that her son had never defended her against his wife, saying that he always scolded her and sided with his wife. He even said to his own mother, “If you hit my wife, I will hit you back!” even though it was his wife who had beaten up his mother and told lies about it. Wah, that’s your own mother leh! 

Wife Abuses Husband's Old Mother Then Lies To Him So He Kicked His Mum Out - World Of Buzz 2

Source: facebook

Apparently, the woman also suffered various bruises on her body as a result of the abuse and parts of her body were swollen as well. The person taking the video appears to be her friend, who has since brought her to a clinic and hospital for a check-up. Netizens were enraged when they saw the video and criticised the son for treating his own mother this way.

In just 24 hours, the video has already gone viral with over 23,000 shares. Many of the responses said that the son was very disrespectful towards the mother to have treated her this way.

Watch the video here:


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