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“Why I buy these ah?” M’sians Share 7 Fun & Wacky Things They Bought Online & We Love It!


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Source: Monique Pacheco & SHEIN

As avid online shoppers, we sometimes don’t think twice before making purchases online. Well, don’t blame us! With only a click of the mouse or a tap of the screen, we can buy anything online! Did you buy wacky items recently and wondered why you bought them? Check out what other Malaysians bought during the recent 12.12 and Christmas sale!


1. Fried chicken hair clip

“Bought these realistic-looking fried chicken hair clips for my daughter, and she loves it! Maybe it’s because there is no better way to express her love for those crispy, irresistible fried chicken.”—Jess, 34

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2. Chicken squishies

“I fidget with stress balls especially when I’m stressed or nervous. But this chicken squishy brings a whole new level of satisfaction, it’s extra squishy and even lays an egg!” —Adam, 19

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3. Sushi purse

“I immediately fell in love with this sushi purse when I first saw it online. I thought if I bring the purse everywhere, I might make new friends who love Sushi too, who knows?”—Alicia, 18

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4. Huge animal body pillow

“Trust me, no one can resist a gigantic, cuddly body pillow after a long day of work. Not especially if the pillow is furry, soft,  and super adorable! I never regret buying these body pillows, even when they take up half my bed.”—Hannah, 27



5. Fruit bean bags

“Since I bought these fruit bean bags, my garden no longer looks dull and boring, as these bean bags are very colourful. They even look delicious! How I wish I could take a bite! ”—Maryam, 20

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6. Weirdly shaped chairs

“Thanks to these super weird, body-shaped chairs, my guests always burst out laughing when they enter my home. What a way to make people laugh!”—David, 26

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7. Crooked shelf

“Who says furniture pieces need to be symmetrical? I find a crooked shelf trendy, and it best expresses my creativity!”—Ben, 35

Bookshelves Curved Blue


Have you purchased anything as weird as these items? Or are you planning to purchase them now that you’ve seen others did? No matter what we buy, we would always want our goods to arrive safely, on time, and in good condition.

To avoid negative online shopping experiences such as late, missing or damaged parcels, we should always opt for a reputable seller and use a trusted delivery partner. So, if you’re all set for your year-end online shopping spree, we highly recommend you to deliver with Lalamove!

Lalamove is the go-to delivery service for all delivery needs, regardless of business or personal. They offer fast, scalable, and convenient delivery, even during the year-end shopping wave!

Since 2013, Lalamove has been proposing innovative solutions to cater to the different delivery needs of online shoppers. In fact, Lalamove has also elevated our online shopping experience with social commerce sellers by providing express, scalable, and trackable delivery. Let’s see what fellow Malaysians have to say about Lalamove delivery services!

Lum 0312


  • Express delivery

Lalamove provides on-demand and immediate delivery services by matching your delivery order with the nearest drivers through instant order matching. This means that you can get your goods delivered instantly, not only on the same day but also within an hour!

How important is fast delivery for consumers and sellers? Tya Hisham from Berrykinn answered: “Fast delivery is really crucial for us, because we want to make sure that our plants are fresh when they reach our customers, and some plants will wilt if they don’t arrive on time.

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Thanks to the express delivery services, we can say goodbye to parcel delays and enjoy the benefits of retail shopping in the comfort of our homes! Other than receiving fresh goods like groceries and plants, we can even deliver last-minute gifts and surprises to our loved ones, especially when we forget about important dates!

Lalamoveit Split Scene


  • Scalable services 

Lalamove offers a fleet of delivery vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to cars, 4×4 pickup, vans (7ft and 9ft), and lorries (10ft – 17ft). The wide range of delivery vehicles can be used to deliver all kinds of goods, thus fulfilling different delivery needs of customers and sellers from all types of businesses.

Kingsley, a loyal Lalamove customer, commented: “Whether I’m moving into a new house or sending Christmas gifts to my friends, Lalamove always has the most suitable vehicles to fulfil my delivery needs, which is very convenient and cost-effective.”

Complete Range Of Vehicles


  • Boundless convenience

The Lalamove mobile app provides customers with multiple convenience technologies, such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, multi-stop deliveries, and drivers’ favourite system.

Other than allowing users to customise their delivery orders for different purposes, the mobile app is also super easy to navigate, as agreed by Joanne: “As someone who has a low digital literacy, I find the app user-friendly. With just a few clicks, I can arrange and track my deliveries easily.”

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The express, scalable, and trackable delivery services have made online trading so much easier not only for online shoppers, but also for e-commerce sellers! When asked about her overall experience with Lalamove delivery services, Tya Hisham replied: “Excellent, I’ll rate 10 out of 10! As of now, we have never encountered any issues while using Lalamove services.” Now you know why sellers and online shoppers love using Lalamove!

Haven’t downloaded the Lalamove mobile app? You can find the app on the App Store and Google Play! Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can arrange, deliver, track, and pay for your delivery any time and any day, all through one app.

For more information regarding Lalamove delivery services, visit the Lalamove website or follow Lalamove on Facebook and Instagram.

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