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Who Said Murukku Is Only For Us? This M’sian Store Made Deepavali Treats For Your Pets Too



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Most of us animal lovers see our pets as one of our own family members or even a child. There’s nothing better than including them in our festive activities. Whether it is birthdays or any form of celebration, having our furbabies with us completes the occasion. But, of course, it breaks our heart a little whenever they watch us devouring all the good food and not be able to share it with them as we fear it may make them sick.

This Deepavali you don’t have to feel guilty eating your murukkus in front of them as they can have their own! They can now have their own set of murukku to wholeheartedly enjoy with MUNCH-RUKU by Furry Treats. 

MUNCH-RUKU is made from fresh protein & Furry Treats organic chia seeds. There is no flour, MSG or preservatives and is air-dried, which makes it a healthier alternative for your furbabies as it is more subtle for their tummies to digest. There are two different proteins that you can choose from which is fish or chicken.

Their fish MUNCH-RUKU is made out of fresh white sardine fish and their chicken MUNCH-RUKU is made from fresh chicken breast. 

“I am a murukku lover myself. During Deepavali, I once fed my dogs some murukku. One of my dogs ended up having terrible diarrhoea and vomited. After that incident, I decided to create a pet-friendly take on murukku, which I then created MUNCH-RUKU,” says Yahmuna Sukumar, who is the proud Founder of Furry Treats.

Furry Treats is a company that produces natural pet treats and supplements catered for domesticated animals. Founded in 2015, they believe that pets (fur-kids as they like to call it) deserve to be treated with premium human-grade ingredients. Their products are made mostly from vegetables, fruits, lean meat and seafood.

“In 2014, 0ne of my fur-kid, Jasper, was diagnosed with cancer and professionals gave him a duration of 6 months to live. He was 7 years old back then. I decided to look for an alternative and manage to contact a pet nutritionist in the US to customise a meal for him according to his health problem. From there, I created Kick the Can, a product of Furry Treats as well. Today, I am so happy to say Jasper is turning 13 years old this December. I then decided to start this company producing natural treats and supplements to help fur-kids with health problems as there is a gap in Malaysia to be fulfilled,” Yahmuna explains. 

MUNCH-RUKU can be consumed by dogs, cats and ferrets! So for this festive season, you don’t have to feel bad anymore as your furkid can have its own little festive treat.

You can purchase MUNCH-RUKU or any other yummy treats for your pets through Furry Treats website here.


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