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Westlife’s KL Concert Was Unforgettable & If You Didn’t Get to Go, Here Are 5 Things You Missed



Westlife - WORLD OF BUZZ
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We were in a World of Our Own when Westlife graced us with their presence at their live concert here at Malawati Indoor Stadium, Shah Alam on 8th August. With spirits high and the air electrifying, a crowd of 7,000 waited in anticipation for the Irish boy band to arrive.

Emerged in military-styled outfits

The concert started off with a bang as Nicky, Shane, Kian and Mark emerged from the shadows in military-styled outfits which made the crowd go wild! With our hearts beating fast in our chest, it wasn’t long before they took us back to the 90s with their first classic hit, Swear It Again.

Westlife's KL Concert Was Unforgettable & If You Didn't Get to Go, Here Are 5 Things You Missed - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Macpie Pro

It was a full house as the crowd that ranged from teenagers to grandparents sang in unison while Westlife took us on a journey we will never forget.

If you weren’t able to attend Westlife’s KL concert this time around, here are five things you need to know.


1. Major throwback

For their first tour around the world after their sweet reunion in 2018, Westlife brought us back to our childhood as they performed a few of their top hits that are still as popular today as they were back then.

You can tell how timeless their songs are by the echo of voices heard all around the room as the band serenaded us with the classics like Fool Again, Uptown Girl and When You’re Looking Like That. 

Source: Macpie Pro


2. Audience interaction

After several performances with booming music and flashing lights, Westlife mellowed down and had a little chit-chat with the audience. They interacted with the crowd and got us to sing along with them as they performed a short acoustic medley of some of their songs.

At one point, they even asked everyone in the stadium to put their phones down and be completely present in the moment as they sang to us.

It was a meaningful and personal time, especially when they took a giant wefie with the entire room and poked fun at the audience for not knowing the words to their songs.


3. Still got what it takes

After not performing together for six years, Westlife is still as good as ever! Their voices echoed throughout the stadium as they blended their voices together in perfect harmony. Chills running up our spines and goosebumps raising on our arms were a frequent occurrence, especially when Mark belted out those high notes in perfect pitch.

They were energetic as they moved all over the stage, each displaying their own personalities that make each one of them different from the next.

Not to mention, they looked hella fine! Even in their 40s, these guys were mesmerisingly beautiful, if I must say. They definitely age like fine wine!


Source: Macpie Pro

Westlife's KL Concert Left M'sians Wanting More After Taking us Back in Time With Their Classic Hits - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Macpie Pro


4. Big surprise!

The biggest surprise in the two-hour concert was when Westlife took us way back to the 70s and performed a medley of songs from Queen!

They had gone backstage for an outfit change when the beat from Another One Bites The Dust blasted through the speakers.

They reappeared and took us back in time with some of Queen’s biggest hits like We Are The Champions, We Will Rock You, Somebody To Love, Don’t Stop Me Now and Radio Ga Ga. It was energetic and on point – in other words, they slay! Freddie Mercury is smiling from heaven because the boys did him justice.

Westlife's KL Concert Left M'sians Wanting More After Taking us Back in Time With Their Classic Hits - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Macpie Pro


5. A fresh new start

Bringing us back to the present, they also performed two of their latest songs from their upcoming album called Spectrum. It certainly was like a breath of fresh air as they performed Dynamite which had a modern twist to it while Better Man had the familiar feel of a classic Westlife hit.

Of course, not forgetting Hello My Love which was released early this year and actually written by British singer, Ed Sheeran. This song kicked the concert off as the band moved in rhythm with the modern beats.

Source: WOB

All in all, their concert was a trip down memory lane as many of us grew up listening to their songs, and to be honest, I still can’t get their voices out of my head! Every part of the concert was well-thought-out and it’ll be something we will remember for the next few years until they come again.

Here’s their set list:

1. “Hello My Love”
2. “Swear It Again”
3. “What About Now”
4. “My Love”
5. “When You’re Looking Like That”
6. “Uptown Girl”
7. “If I Let You Go”
8. “Better Man”
9. “Queen Medley”
10. “I Have a Dream”
11. “Unbreakable”
12. “Fool Again”
13. “Queen of My Heart”
14. “Dynamite”
15. “You Raise Me Up”
16. “Flying Without Wings”
17. “World of Our Own”

Many of us have sworn our love for Westlife 10 years ago, but on this night, it was the perfect time to swear it all over again.


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