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We Found The Perfect ‘Oppa’ For Your K-Drama Marathons & It’s Crunchy, Spicy and Delicious!



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Have you watched K-dramas where the characters eat fried chicken that makes you drool for a bit? Well, now there’s a place right here in Malaysia where you can order Korean fried chicken that captures that k-drama essence!


Introducing: OPPA WINGMAN

Oppa Wingman is a locally homegrown business run by Nick Yung and his partner Chai Leng. Currently, they are based in Puchong.

Nick Yung (right) and Chai Leng (left)


How it started

“Cooking has always been something that I really enjoyed, especially for friends and family on special occasions,” said Nick

During his father’s birthday, he decided to cook up a Korean fried chicken recipe he had learnt a while back from his Korean friend to serve his family members. He was surprised when he saw how much his family enjoyed them hence they cemented the idea in his mind about starting a side business. Nick only daringly started off his food venture after receiving support from his brother and sister-in-law.


How it’s going

Well, the first thing you would notice about Oppa Wingman is their mascot: Oppa Jae who is the modern-day inspiration of a K-Pop Oppa; fashionable, energetic, friendly, suave! The idea of “Wingman” came from both the slang and that we sell fried chicken wings.

“We wanted to give life to the brand by creating a character that people could relate to and remember,” said Nick when he was researching on logo designs.

Currently, Oppa Wingman has 2 flavours Soy Garlic and Yangnyeom (sweet & spicy sauce). He took time and made sure that his recipe for his creations has authentic flavours of South Korea.

According to Nick, the crowd favourite is currently the Soy Garlic! To prove this fact, Oppa Wingman actually sent us a box of their Korean fried chicken and here is the review:

The box had both flavours and let me say: IM A FAN OF THE SOY GARLIC FLAVOUR! The Yangnyeom flavour had a lesser impact on me, and it was not as spicy as I thought it would be, but it still tasted really good!  Their chicken is very crunchy and it comes with a pickled radish side dish to wash down the stuffiness. Here is a video of some good crunching:

Overall, it’s a 9/10 for me! Since Oppa Wingman is a relatively new business, I can’t wait to see what they have planned for in the future.

sorry~ missing a few pieces here as I have forgotten to take pictures after munching on the first piece T.T


You can head on over to AirAsia Food to place your order with code “OPAXAA20” for 20% off!

Alternatively, you can check out their website at http://myoppawingman.orderu.com/ or WhatsApp them on 016-719 6874 to place your orders! Check out their social media for more updates:

Facebook: Oppa Wingman

Instagram: @myoppawingman


No need to salivate at the chicken on your screen anymore! Now with some mouth-watering Korean fried chicken, you can enhance your k-drama experience at home.

The pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of businesses, especially smaller ones. Why not take this chance and support a homegrown business? 


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Source: Tenor
Source: Oppa Wingman
Source: AirAsia Food
Source: Tenor

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