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We Debunk 5 Misconceptions About Injectable Treatments That Too Many M’sians Believe!


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Injectable treatments are not something new but they’ve definitely been gaining more popularity recently. It is generally known to be a treatment that can help you with your appearance, especially when it comes to concerns about ageing. However, there have also been various myths surrounding these treatments which many Malaysians still believe to this day.

Curious to know if any of these myths are true? Read on to find out as we debunk some of the misconceptions about injectable treatments!


1. You no longer need skincare if you get injectable treatments

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Many people who opt to get injectable treatments tend to abandon their skincare routines for a number of reasons:

  • Thinking they don’t need skincare anymore because their skin would look amazing after each treatment
  • Hoping to save time and money by only opting for injectables and skimping on skincare

The truth is, the result of your injectable treatment can be enhanced even more with a proper skincare routine and it can also help prolong the effects of your treatment. Many dermatologists recommend incorporating the following items in your skincare to help maintain your treatment:

  • An ultra-hydrating moisturiser
  • Retinol-infused products to boost collagen
  • A reliable sunscreen that you must NEVER skip


2. It’s painful and requires a long healing time

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Generally, injectable treatments actually fall on the lower end of the pain scale, but it would also depend on your pain tolerance towards needles. However, your doctor would definitely use an anaesthetic during the procedure to help you feel more comfortable.

As for the healing time, it is a lot shorter than you think! Doctors would usually allow you to resume your activities right away but it is advisable to wait around 48 hours before you do any intense physical activity. The side effects (such as redness, bruising or tenderness and the injection area) are also quite subtle since it is considered to be a very minimally invasive treatment.


3. You will become an expressionless mannequin

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This is one of the most popular myths surrounding injectable treatments and it is believed to stem from the stigma surrounding botox. This is because botox is meant to relax your facial muscles to minimise the appearance of wrinkles. But the truth is, botox will only relax the muscles in the injection area, not the whole face. If you’re considering getting botox and you want to avoid getting that ‘frozen’ look, make sure you get your treatment done by a professional and credible doctor who knows how to achieve a more natural result.


4. You can see immediate changes after the treatment

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This myth is partly true and false! It is true because you might be able to see some immediate changes to your face. However, the full result might also take a bit more time to settle. Plus, the result may also vary based on the type of treatment you’re getting. For example, with fillers and botox, you would be able to see results after a few weeks once the swelling or redness has subsided.

As for treatments such as skin boosters, you would continue to see improvements to your skin over a few months (some can last up to six months!), especially if you do a good job at maintaining a skincare routine that will further enhance your results!


5. Injectable treatments are only for those in their 40’s & 50’s

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As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The same rule can be applied to injectable treatments as well! 

Your body starts to lose collagen at around 26 years old. Thus, it is recommended to start these treatments when you’re approaching your 30s. By starting this treatment early, you can prevent the signs of ageing on your skin and maintain a more natural appearance instead of opting for a more dramatic change if you start the treatment when you’re older.


Now that we’ve dispelled some of the most popular myths surrounding injectable treatments, would you consider getting this treatment done? If you would, we’d definitely advise you to do ample research in order to know which treatment would suit you best.

Apart from that, it is also just as important for you to find a reputable aesthetic clinic with trusted doctors that can perform safe procedures and deliver the best result for you! Not sure which clinic would be a good option? We can help you out with this!

Malaysians can check out B+ Clinic, a new clinic that aims to make aesthetic treatments accessible to all!

Bplus Launch

Bplus Interior

In case you didn’t know, B+ Clinic is an extension of Beauté Library, a beauty salon that offers non-invasive solutions such as facials, face contouring and laser treatments. Now, taking a step into the future, B+ Clinic is striving to debunk the stigma around invasive treatments while providing a safe solution for Malaysians seeking solutions for their skin problems.

Wondering why you should check out B+ Clinic? Here’s why:

  • The clinic offers an array of treatments including a variety of skin boosters, fillers, botox, thread lifts, vitamin drips and more to satisfy every facial need.
  • Procedures are carried out by experienced staff and licensed doctors who are qualified to administer the products.
  • B+ Clinic also aims to make premium aesthetic treatments more accessible and affordable for everyone.
  • The sleek and futuristic interiors of the clinic provide a calming and trustworthy environment for the patients.

Bplus Doctors

Bplus Product


If you’re keen to explore more about injectable treatments but you’ve never done it before, B+ Clinic has also launched its own skin booster called HA+ Collagen Complex Skin Booster Treatment. Here’s why this treatment would be the perfect choice for beginners:

  • The treatment is formulated with a blend of 48 types of active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, PDRN, Niacinamide and more.
  • It’s able to refine lines and wrinkles, stimulate cell functions and accelerate skin’s regeneration rate.
  • It can improve skin elasticity and minimise the appearance of pores.
  • The products are made from ingredients of the highest quality to ensure optimum results for customers.

Bplus Booster1

Sounds interesting, right? If you’d like to give this treatment a try, you’ll be glad to hear what comes next…

In conjunction with their launch, B+ Clinic is offering the first trial of their HA+ Collagen Complex Skin Booster Treatment for only RM199!

Keep in mind, this treatment is actually worth RM1,000 so this is definitely a steal! This promo will also be valid until 30th November 2022 only so make sure to hurry! On top of the treatment, you will also receive a consultation with the clinic’s certified doctors so you can be more informed about your skin’s needs.

So, don’t wait too long, guys! If you have always been interested in trying out skin treatments, this is your cue! For more information regarding B+ Clinic or their treatments, you may visit their website here. Don’t forget to also follow their Instagram or Facebook to keep up with any exciting news!


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