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Watch Speaker Ng Kor Ming Beautifully Recite A Poem to Remind Bung of His Language



Speaker Ng Kor Ming Beautifully Recites Poem to Remind Bung of Language, All MPs Impressed - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sinchew
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Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar is famous for making outrageous statements in Parliament and the latest one involved the F-word.

That certainly didn’t help in any way with his bruised reputation, which is why Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Ng Kor Ming had gifted a poem to Bung Moktar to remind him about his language.

Source: Sinchew

Here’s the poem originally from Buya Hamka:

“Teguh rumah kerana sendi,
Runtuh sendi, rumah binasa,
Sendi bangsa ialah budi,
Runtuh budi, runthuhlah bangsa.”

Many of the MPs in Parliament were impressed by Ng’s proficiency in the Malay language and expressed their admiration with a “wow”. Bung was humbled by the poem and told the deputy speaker that he wasn’t ready to reply to the poem.

Bung then proceeded by raising a question to a deputy minister from the Prime Minister’s Department and after he was done, he was reminded that that was how he should ask a question.

“Kinabatangan (MP) has turned over a new leaf, please don’t disappoint me,” Ng said to Bung.

In case you missed the drama, Bung shouted the four-letter-word in retaliation after the Puncak Borneo MP brought up the rumour of him being seen gambling in a casino. He became agitated and shouted, “F*** You” to the other MP.

Source: FMT

Several Pakatan Harapan MPs immediately asked Deputy Speaker Rashid Hasnon to request Bung Moktar to retract his offensive language, which he did.

Here’s the video of Ng Kor Ming reciting the poem to Bung.

We wonder how long Bung can go without getting another warning from the speakers. It looks like he’s turned over a new leaf, though! What do you think? Let us know in the comments! 


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