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Watch: Rapid KL Driver Personally Helps Old Uncle With Disabilities Get On & Off The Bus



Source: Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS

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A Rapid KL bus driver was praised by netizens after a video of him helping an elderly man with disabilities went viral on the Internet.

In the video, the bus driver in a yellow shirt can be seen guiding the old man to a seat and assisting him to sit down. He even makes sure that the old man was holding onto a pole before walking back to the driver’s seat.

After reaching the old man’s destination, the bus driver takes the effort to get off his seat to personally make sure that the old man gets down safely. He holds onto the old man’s hands and guides him to the door and off the bus.

The driver doesn’t just stop there but helps the old man to the bus station as well with assistance from another man. From the video, the old man with a walking stick can barely walk and can be seen hardly able to move on his own.

It is uncertain who this old man is or why he is out in public in his condition, but we hope he is being taken care of and that no harm will come to him.

Here’s the video:


Netizens praised the man with many expressing their gratitude towards the bus driver for being so kind to the old man.

“Awesome. Seldom see public bus driver doing this. Usually they are either impatient or rude or does not care much,” a netizen wrote.

“This is the kind of video we want to see. An example of a human being who cares about other people’s problems.”

Other netizens expressed their concerns about where the man’s family is.

“Does this uncle not have a family member? It’s really hard to travel like this. If this uncle travels alone every day, maybe there is a kind person who can help him?”

Thank you, bus driver for your kindness towards the old uncle. We hope you will be rewarded for your kind deed!


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