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Watch: Man Loves His Mistress So Much, He Lies on Top of Her to Shield Her From Angry Wife



Watch: Man Lies on Top of Mistress to Protect Her From His Wife's Kicks & Punches - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Daily Mail

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When a cheating husband was caught by his wife, his first instinct was to protect his mistress, even if it meant taking punches and kicks from his wife and her friends.

Daily Mail reported a suspected cheating husband lay on top of his mistress to shield her from his wife, who had caught them red-handed.

Source: Daily Mail

A video of the incident was recorded in the Fanchang county of Anhui, eastern China. It shows the enraged woman unleashing her anger on the man and his lover by stomping on the mistress’s legs and kicking her head.

She even tries to strip the mistress by tearing parts of her shirt off as the woman’s friends join her in trying to hurt the mistress.

However, not much ‘harm’ could be done to the mistress as the man sprawled his body over her and held her tightly while screaming at his wife to stop.

The violence escalates as the woman tugs the man’s gold necklace off and uses it to whip him on the back. At this point, none of the spectators dared to intercept the fight.

Towards the end of the video, the man shouts “call the police!” while his wife beats him with a shoe.

Eventually, the woman and her friends stopped their attack as the man got up with his now semi-naked mistress.

Source: Daily Mail

According to witnesses, the couple managed to flee before the police arrived.

Adultery is not a punishable crime in mainland China, leaving many husbands and wives having to confront their unfaithful spouses in a similar manner. When arrests are made in such cases, the punishment is often minor.


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