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Wanna Study Overseas? Here Are 5 Reasons Why M’sians Should Study in the US!


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When we think about pursuing higher education, konfem we’ll consider studying abroad in at least a small capacity, kan? While it is a huge commitment, studying abroad allows you to gain independence, adapt to different cultures and best of all, you can travel the world while you’re at it! If you’re keen on taking your studies overseas, why not do it in the United States of America?

Hosting almost a million international students each year, here are the reasons why the US is a popular destination for Malaysian students, and why it could be the best place for you too!


1. Abundance of cutting-edge facilities to assist with research and studies

Engineer Cooperation Two Asian Male Female Technician Maintenance Inspect Relay Robot System With Tablet Laptop Control Quality Operate Process Work Heavy Industry 40 Manufacturing Factory

US universities house state-of-the-art facilities such as high-tech research labs and comprehensive library systems, which enable students to conduct research and process information optimally! To give you a better look, below are some notable universities with outstanding facilities:

The MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (NRL) is an interdepartmental centre that operates a 6 MW research reactor. Undergraduates can be involved in the operation of the reactor through the undergraduate research programme or part-time employment with the NRL.

Fs 3 Installation


USCRPL is a student-founded organisation which has made incredible advances in the fields of solid and hybrid propellants, composite structures, thermal protection, high altitude recovery, and on-board avionics systems. It is currently the world’s premier undergraduate research group for experimental rocketry technologies.

Rpl Traveler Iv Launch Apr 2019 1200 X 600


The Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) at John Hopkins has contributed to critical challenges with systems engineering and integration, technology research and development, and analysis. Well-qualified Johns Hopkins undergraduate and graduate students majoring in engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, and physics can apply for the [email protected] program, which offers paid internships and placement for selected students at the Laboratory.

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And the icing on the cake here is that many big-name companies including NASA, Amazon and Google have worked extensively with these universities to conduct groundbreaking research! For example, Amazon Web Services is collaborating with Harvard University to advance innovation in quantum networking through the Harvard Quantum Initiative. If these big conglomerates can trust these universities with world-changing research, you can definitely trust them with your higher education too!


2. Wide variety of top-quality systems and academic programmes

Pexels Yan Krukau 8199668

With a wide selection of programmes ranging from liberal art curriculums to STEM courses, US universities offer a lot of options to match your interests and chosen career prospects!

Some of these programmes are one of a kind, too! For instance, the University of Central Florida in Orlando offers a Master’s in Themed Experience to teach the creative skills, processes, and concepts to design and produce themed environments such as theme parks, zoos, and aquariums. Located at the heart of the themed entertainment industry (psst, Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando), UCF students can also enjoy discounted theme park tickets!

Plus, what makes American higher education unique is the hands-on nature of college classes which involve lab work, fieldwork and practical classes. Their holistic grading system equally distributes points among in-class quizzes, presentations, and other low-stakes examinations as opposed to the other systems that highly focus on examinations! This means that your final exams are not the be-all and end-all for your grade and you can accumulate points throughout the semester!


3. Better flexibility and freedom for your educational experience

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Another benefit of American higher education is its flexibility! American universities typically require you to declare your major at the end of the second year. This allows you to explore classes in different fields before deciding on a major! At the graduate level, you can customise your programme with elective courses and combined degree options to give you more leeway in deciding what to pursue!

Still can’t decide on one field of study? Fret not! You can also consider doing double majors or dual degrees to study two fields of your choosing concurrently! Here are some popular combinations for your consideration:

  • Biology and Sociology
  • Economics and Psychology
  • Business and Art
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Computer Information Systems and Accounting

And if you’re REALLY keen on applying right after secondary or high school then we have good news! Aspiring students can enrol for a US degree right after finishing their SPM or IGCSE via the American Degree Transfer Programme (ADTP). The ADTP is a highly popular route for Malaysians to study in the United States at a lower cost, helping them gain more academic experience and widen their network in their respective fields!


4. Optimal university support and opportunities for international students

Asian Businessmen Businesswomen Meeting Brainstorming Ideas About Creative Web Design Planning Application Developing Template Layout Mobile Phone Project Working Together Small Office

Most American universities are devoted to granting opportunities, outreach and services to overseas students as inclusion and equality are highly valued aspects of student life in the US! A lot of universities have international student offices which can help with matters relating to academics, language support and even culture and classroom etiquette!

And in addition to local scholarships, international students can also make use of financial aid for their first year of study too! Other than that, these institutions also offer fellowship and assistantship programmes! Under these programmes, grad students will not only be able to assist with research and teaching; they’ll also get their tuition fees covered and receive stipends!

With all this in mind, Malaysian students (along with other non-American students) will be able to benefit greatly from these support services hosted by US universities!


5. More opportunities to gain work and academic credentials for your resume

Pexels Artem Podrez 8518616 E1677032419773

In any part of the world, employers emphasise a candidate’s work experience just as much as their credentials, betul tak? That’s why many universities in the US emphasise career development! For instance, universities often host career fairs, resume-writing workshops, and professional coaching to assist students in their job search.

If you are interested in gaining some part-time work experience (while earning good money!) you can work on-campus and get paid between $10 to $15 per hour! Additionally, international students are able to work in the U.S. for up to three years after graduation through Optional Practical Training (OPT), which allows them to gain real-world experience and make connections with employers in their field.

Wanna beautify your resume with other credentials besides work? Then take part in extracurricular activities! Another special aspect of US institutions is their immeasurable list of programmes and activities to help you showcase what you excel at outside of the classroom. Sing your heart out with the Glee Club, participate in Quidditch tournaments, or explore other niche student organisations at your university!

By participating in some of these many opportunities for skill and career development in the States, you’re guaranteed to impress employers everywhere!


Student life in the States sounds awesome, kan? Interested in taking your first step? We know just the event to help you!

Wanna #StudyWithUS? Take that important step by attending the EducationUSA Spring Fair, taking place in Kuala Lumpur and Penang this 11 and 12 March!

Fair2023 Flyer A5

A Department of State network supported by US Embassy Kuala Lumpur, EducationUSA provides free advising services to prospective students interested in pursuing their studies in the US. This means that their information directly comes from the Department of State in Washington DC!

The EducationUSA Fair will allow prospective students (from Bachelor’s to PhD) to meet representatives from US institutions and learn about the college application process, financial aid availability, and more! Not only that but you can also be personally advised by admission officers as you discuss your study plans AND connect with US alumni to learn about life on campus!

With 26 US university representatives coming down to Kuala Lumpur and 14 to Penang, you’ll be well-informed on your options to pursue studies in the US!

You can find more details about the fair below:

Fair2023 Poster Embassyprog2 A3


And the best part of all this? Entry is FREE!

You read that right! You can get all the accurate, comprehensive and current information about accredited colleges and universities in the United States that you’ll need at no cost at all! But to smoothen the check-in process, you’re encouraged to register online first for the Kuala Lumpur or Penang fair!

So what are you waiting for? Jom #StudyWithUS to make the best out of your higher education in the United States! For more information on EducationUSA Spring Fair, schedule an advising appointment via their website or follow them on their social media pages:


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