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UNICEF Report: Unemployment in Low-Income Families Doubled From 7% to 15% During CMCO



Source: CK Yeo/Unsplash & Edmund Lou/Unsplash

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In a series of reports by UNICEF called Families on Edge, the third version reports on how low-income families survived through the CMCO (October 14, 2020 – December 23, 2020).

The mixed-methods study was done on 500 low-income households that are living in low-cost flats (PPR) in urban areas. One of the main highlights in this report is that unemployment in low-income families has doubled during the CMCO (7% in September 2020 to 15% in December 2020). Zoning in on unemployment in households where females are head of the family (female HoH) and people with disabilities are head of the family (PWD HoH), the unemployment rate has shot up to 13.4% (female HoH) and 50% (PWD HoH) respectively. Overall, one in three of the adults in low-income families are unemployed.

The overall poverty rate for these families is at a high of 42% while poverty in female HoH increased from 47% in September 2020 to 61% in December 2020. This is similar for PWD HoH.

Other than that, 57% of these low-income families did not have the money to purchase enough food to sustain their families while 56% of them were unable to pay their bills on time. Female HoHs have a harder time buying enough food (64%) and paying their bills (58%) when compared to the overall statistics; while the percentages for PWD HoH are 60% (food) and 47% (bills).

These families are growing increasingly pessimistic about their future (37% in September 2020 to 41% in December 2020). 55% of PWD HoH and 46% of female HoH think that the situation will only get worse for them in terms of finance. They are also getting more stressed (19% in September to 27% in December) due to several factors such as:

  • inability to provide enough food for the family,
  • lack of employment opportunities,
  • not having enough money to provide proper education for their children.

It is worth noting that the financial aid given by the government has worked to a certain extent.

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