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Underprivileged Family Living In Broken Hut Will Have A New House For Hari Raya!



Source: Ebit Lew | Facebook

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The Ramadhan season is when our Muslim brothers and sisters reflect on the struggles of the underprivileged by fasting to experience hunger.

Sadly, another struggle most members of the underprivileged community face are not having a proper roof above their heads.

For example, Ustaz Ebit Lew took to his Facebook profile to showcase a family living in a run-down hut in Pontian, Johor, after their home had burnt down. Thankfully, he also stepped in to help them rebuild a new home.

He wrote, “Heartbroken in Kampung Parit Sulaiman, Pontian, after looking at this old house, or actually, just a broken-down hut. A couple who is severely ill has been living here with a small child for four years. The husband has kidney and nerve issues, and he has to eat a lot of pain medication. If he doesn’t eat it, he can’t get up.”

“They are always commuting to the hospital for treatment. His wife is also seriously ill. There are lots of mosquitoes, gnats and no electricity. A house without doors and windows. It’s just opened, covered with a cloth. Their old house burned down a long time ago.”

Ustaz Ebit worried for the child, as they played around with materials that may be hazardous to them.

“Seeing this little child running on broken wood without slippers. They dared to step on it all. When I arrived, they shared that they’ve been trying to contact me for a while, but didn’t get connected. They were happy to see me. Thankfully, they’re getting financial assistance of RM400 a month,” he explained.

Thankfully, he decided that allowing them to live in such a condition was unacceptable and stepped in to help them build a new home!

“I was happy to meet a contractor who was willing to help build a house at a cheaper price. I went straight to the hardware store to buy all the necessities to build the new home. Tomorrow, they’ll send them over and the contractor will start work. We will try to complete the house before the Hari Raya celebrations. Hopefully, this Raya will be a meaningful one for this couple and their cute child,” he added.

We’re so glad that this family will be getting a proper roof above their heads, and just in time for Hari Raya too!

This Ramadhan, let’s all remember to be grateful for the simple luxuries we’ve been given and help those who need it, however we can.

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Source: Ebit Lew
Source: Ebit Lew
Source: Ebit Lew

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