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Two Young Kids Risk Their Lives by Clinging Under Bus for 3 Hours Just to See Parents



8YO Kids Dangerously Cling Under Bus For 3 Hours and 80KM Just to See Their Parents - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sohu

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This is definitely the most heart-wrenching story we’ve read the whole day! 

Recently, two children no older than eight years old were shockingly found clinging under a bus for three hours. When asked why they did it, the reason given just teared us up.

Source: Sohu

Apparently the two poor kids dangerously hitched the bus ride from their home in Nazuo, Guangxi province to the city centre just to see their parents who are working there. After travelling for some 80km, the bus made a stop at a station in Xilin for vehicle inspection.

That was when an officer discovered them.

“They were so thin, they could easily fit under the bus. These kids missed their parents so much so that they risked their lives by clinging under the bus just to see their parents,” the officer said.

Source: Sohu

Source: Sohu

It was believed that the duo had run away from school in the morning before classes began so that they could catch the bus. Then, they found an empty space under the bus, which became their hiding spot for the next three hours.

The following journey was tough as the road was muddy and unpaved. When they were discovered, their whole bodies were covered in mud. Luckily, they didn’t suffer any injuries.

Source: Sohu

The workers at the station were kind enough to clean them up and give them some food. It was understood that they came up with this dangerous plan after being told by relatives that their parents are working in Baise, which is just hours away from their home.

“Actually, their parents are working somewhere further away in Guangdong, but their relatives lied to them just to make the kids feel better,” the worker added. 

The police have since notified the school and a teacher came over to bring them home. Pheww…

We hope their parents can afford to bring them over to the city soon so that this heart-stopping stunt will not occur again. 


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