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Foreign Tourist Shares Horrific Experience with M’sian Bus That Left Her Stranded at S’pore Immigration


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Source: @been__tee | TikTok

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Tourists who come to Malaysia often times rely on buses to get from one destination to another.

Hence, shouldn’t our local bus companies maintain a certain standard of professionalism in order to make a good impression? Well, apparently, not everyone got that memo.

A tourist who decided to take a trip to Kuala Lumpur, @bee__tee, took to her TikTok account to share the terrible experience she had with a Malaysian bus company after the bus driver that was supposed to take her from KL to Singapore had ultimately left her stranded at the Singapore immigration checkpoint.

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She wrote, “Our bus driver left us stranded. Holidaying in Singapore and decided to do an overnight or day trip to Kuala Lumpur and explore. We saw TikTok recommendations to take overnight buses to and from. The ride there was so good with another company, the ride back… NEVER AGAIN.”


Her bus from KL to Singapore was supposed to depart at 12:30am, but the bus had not arrived to pick up the passengers.

Upon calling the bus’s customer service line via WhatsApp, the customer service personnel apparently didn’t take her concerns seriously.

Bus 2

“Was laughed at and told that they’re only 10 minutes late and on the way and (they) hung up before I got to say anything,” she explained, adding that they then read about the bus online and realised that there were many bad reviews that pointed out that the bus is often late.

After waiting for a while, she decided to call the customer service line again, but her calls were rejected.

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The bus ultimately arrived 45 minutes late, at 1:15am.


Upon boarding the bus, she then noticed other passengers sitting in the seats she had booked. 

When telling the passengers that they were sitting in her seats, the bus driver apparently insisted that there was no assigned seating and passengers could freely sit in any seat.

“Like bruh, give us our seats. It was an overnight sleeper bus, we selected the back to be away from everyone and be comfortable,” she wrote.

Bus 4

But, things only got worse from there.

When another passenger got onto the bus and noticed someone sitting in the seat she had booked, the bus driver allegedly shouted at her that there was assigned seating.

Another issue they had throughout the 6-hour journey was that the bus driver apparently constantly stopped for cigarette breaks, they were taken to a bus depot and shouted at to switch buses and ultimately, more rude shouting from the bus driver.

Bus 5 1

When they arrived at the Malaysian immigration checkpoint heading towards Singapore, the driver then allowed a bunch of people (who weren’t initially on the bus) to board the bus.

“We’re all cramped in the bus now and there’s people standing in the aisle.”

Bus 6


Here’s where things reached their peak. 

Arriving at the Singapore immigration checkpoint, the bus driver apparently once again shouted at the passengers, this time to tell them to get off the bus and to take their belongings with them (weird, because that wasn’t the final stop).

After standing in line for 15 minutes at the Singapore checkpoint, they got their necessary documentation from the Singaporean Immigration authorities and headed back to the bus to enter Singapore. But, the bus was gone.

Bus 7

She then once again called the bus’s customer service line, only to be told that the bus had left them because they had taken too long.

“I’m on the phone, shocked and screaming at this point, because how the f*ck are you going to leave your paying customers at a checkpoint. The (customer service) worker laughed at me and said, ‘You took too long, my bus driver cannot wait’,”

“Absolutely shook, I say we took 15 minutes, that is not long at all and we can’t control how long the immigration line is. The man kept saying ‘why didn’t you board the bus?’. M*therf*cker, what bus? I asked why couldn’t they wait 15 minutes for their customers, they could be 45 minutes late and not inform us. He hung up,” she explained.

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Thankfully, a kind samaritan told her how she could get to the city via Singapore’s buses. 

She has also attempted to get a refund from the Malaysian bus company and was told that 21 working days were needed to check on this issue.


In all honesty, if we were in her shoes, we should be losing our sh*t too.

You can check out her full post here.

What do you think about this? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: @bee__tee
Source: @bee__tee
Source: @bee__tee
Source: @bee__tee
Source: @bee__tee
Source: @bee__tee
Source: @bee__tee
Source: @bee__tee

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